Golden Sun: The Lost Age Game Boy Advance


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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 26 out of 29
  2. Negative: 0 out of 29
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  1. The story does finally wrap itself up nicely, and the way you meet up with and fight against your former selves is a rarity handled well. Not a classic game, but very solid nonetheless.
  2. If you liked "Lord of the Rings," then you'll love Golden Sun: The Lost Age.
  3. A thoroughly enjoyable game that matches its predecessor in every way. It's true that the plot never becomes as epic as Golden Sun hinted it might, and it's also true that the game will be a little too 'freeform' for some RPG fans, but it is basically the middle of a story - and thus plays as such.
  4. Simply put, The Lost Age is the best role-playing game available for Game Boy Advance. However, I highly recommend playing the second best RPG, the original Golden Sun, before you play this continuation of it.
  5. A flawless RPG with a great continuation of the original cliffhanger. It’ll boast about 30 hours to beat your first time through.
  6. 90
    Its extended storyline and slight additions to the gameplay are more than enough make it an extremely enjoyable (and lengthy) adventure.
  7. A fine continuation of what's shaping up to be quite an epic RPG series.
  8. Makes some solid refinements to the series' gameplay, features a longer quest, and makes some nice tweaks to the series' presentation.
  9. 86
    It's every bit as stellar as the original, though it's best played and appreciated by those that have gone through its predecessor.
  10. Bigger, more intricate and rather more absorbing that the first half of the story, The Lost Age is not only a great continuation of the Golden Sun saga but also a deeply satisfying game in its own right.
  11. Beating The Lost Age is going to require at least 30 hours (and more if the player wants to do all of the side-quests and find all of the hidden goodies) and maybe more if gamers aren't good at puzzles. There's nothing inherently wrong with a game lasting this amount of time (although it does seem long for a handheld RPG) as long as the gameplay warrants it. Too bad for The Lost Age that it shows all of its tricks in the first 12 hours or so...
  12. 100
    Lives up to its exceptional pedigree. Not only does this sequel bring back all that was great about the original, but it's longer, harder, and more involved.
  13. 90
    The best thing you can say about The Lost Age, though, is that it's Golden Sun—except more of it. A good 35 hours more, even. If you've played the original, then this is a must buy.
  14. Camelot Software obviously knows the importance of not trying to fix something that is already working on all cylinders, but to enhance its performance by adding just the right amount of grease to its working parts.
  15. 80
    A good, solid RPG that's right in step with the classic formula, sometimes to its own detriment.
  16. With a pleasant mix of a fantastic storyline, great character development, good pacing of action and adventure, pleasing graphics, and challenging, but fun puzzles, makes Golden Sun practically the “dream” game for fans of the RPG genre.
  17. Camelot made a great game engine, and until someone can come along with something better, this is the game to beat.
  18. GMR Magazine
    Seriously, if you haven't finished the first installment of Camelot's sprawling GBA epic, it's likely you'll be baffled, at least initially, by this direct follow-up. [May 2003, p.73]
  19. Edge Magazine
    Whilst some of the novelty of seeing a stalwart RPG on GameBoy Advance has worn off, The Lost Age is still slick, practised and enjoyable. Fans will lap it up. [June 2003]
  20. Nintendo Power
    Not only is this a fantastic RPG, but it's arguably better than the first game. Add to that the best graphics on the GBA, a gigantic sound track and a massive, twisting story line and you have a winner. [Apr 2003, p.133]
  21. A surpremely playable RPG. It has an interesting plot, a refined fighting system, beautiful graphics, a superb soundtrack, and intuitive controls. What's more, it's a long game.
  22. netjak
    The slight flaws of the second are easily drowned out by the overall brilliance of the game play and intriguing storyline. While overall GS2 didn’t match the overall excitement I had for the original it did satisfy my RPG tooth until "FF Tactics Advance" comes out.
  23. Pocket Games
    You won't find a more ready graphical or gameplay showcase for the powers of Nintendo's little handheld that could. [Summer 2003, p.40]
  24. A spectacular game... It's very lengthy, very deep, and has some obvious (yet confusing) puzzles that'll drive you nuts! The story is good, too, and the music is extremely enjoyable.
  25. 85
    Fantastic. While not many improvements were made over the original Golden Sun, the Lost Age proves that you can remain true to the original formula and still be succesful without changing much.
  26. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    Age sports some remarkably tricky puzzles and labyrinths. I'm a sucker for difficult dungeons, so these brain-benders kept me enthralled (and occasionally baffled) throughout. [May 2003, p.138]
  27. Game Informer
    It would have been nice to see some new innovations, especially in the gameplay department. [Apr 2003, p.98]
  28. Play Magazine
    This one doesn't take you by the hand and lead you from plot point to plot point. Instead, GS: TLA is filled with an exhilarating sense of freedom. [Apr 2003, p.65]
  29. GameNow
    The brain teasers are deviously well designed and they are perfectly suited for a portable adventure. [May 2003, p.37]

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  1. Oct 6, 2011
    A surprisingly underrated yet deep JRPG that can give popular development studios like Square Enix and Atlus a run for their money. The strongA surprisingly underrated yet deep JRPG that can give popular development studios like Square Enix and Atlus a run for their money. The strong story, visuals, music, and controls all come together to offer a truly unique gameplay experience. Hell, I would go as far as to say that Golden Sun: The Lost Age, sequel to Golden Sun, is the best role-playing game on a handheld to date. Full Review »
  2. May 16, 2011
    I am the kind of gamer who enjoys almost exclusively casual games. Anything Mario, anything that you can just pick up and play for 30 minutesI am the kind of gamer who enjoys almost exclusively casual games. Anything Mario, anything that you can just pick up and play for 30 minutes without getting sucked into a story or involved strategy decisions. But I LOVE this game, as well as its predecessor. I don't know what it is about it, but I will play this game for hours and hours and do the kind of things that I usually hate in video games. It is so so good. Full Review »
  3. ThomasN.
    Dec 21, 2007
    The best game i have ever seen to the gba, This is a must have for every rpg fan, who owns a Game Boy.