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  1. A good game for kids, and one which offers some good replayability, with the Trial mode of unlocked games.
  2. That's 100 games and 10 dance offs in 10 stages, folks. Yep. Moms and dads, this game will have your kids tied up until doomsday...or shortly thereafter.
  3. Overall, Lizzie McGuire 3: Homecoming Havoc is a great choice for Lizzie fans, young girls in particular. However, those looking for a more rugged, action-packed, or sophisticated game should look for something else.
  4. It's a youthful and entertaining way to fill some time; I happily played through it while doing laundry the other day and found that time just flew by.
  5. It was a good idea that was sloppily put together, and the result is a repetitive, overly simple game that doesn't have a whole lot to offer.
  6. A game with really low production - you can see that this one hasn't had much time spent on it, and I couldn't really recommend it to anyone - even fans of the show. Go for the much more fun "Lizzie McGuire 2: Lizzie Diaries" if you want to play a Lizzie game. It's still short, but it's much more entertaining.
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  1. Aug 5, 2014
    If you're looking for quality entertainment for the Game Boy Advance, then this is truly a masterpiece. Never have I connected to my feminine side of my life with Homecoming Havoc. The plot in this game is utterly magnificent. I felt for every single character introduced, including the antagonist. The gameplay is something that is definitely unique. The gameplay kept me coming back for more of this fantastic game.

    The graphics are cartoony, but it surprisingly works very well. Realistic graphics just wouldn't feel right, so i'm glad this design decision was made. It had a quirky feel to it. It had a more relaxed feeling to the fantastic plot.

    If you still have a GBA, and you want quality time with it again, then this game is a perfect game to pick up. It's a beautiful game that should get more attention that it has.
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