MLB Slugfest 20-04 Game Boy Advance
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  • Summary: MLB SlugFest is back with more aggressive-style baseball than ever. MLB Slugfest 20-04 delivers a blend of hardcore, lightning-fast gameplay combined with key baseball features that will please even the most diehard sports fan. Turbo running, fielding, batting, and throwing are essential skills in this game, which makes every play a highlight. Among your favorite MLB players from around the league, you can create your own team of superstars, and then work your way up to a World Series championship. With new moves, rosters, and the addition of the new Home Run Derby mode, this year's SlugFest hits home with awesome power. Collapse
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  1. A title that could have been much better, but really cannot compare with either its other console platform counterparts, nor with some other GBA baseball games in terms of gameplay options.
  2. A so-so system that doesn't offer enough action to counter the lack of depth. [Summer 2003, p.49]
  3. Pitching and hitting play control are intuitive, but fielding control is sorely lacking. [Apr 2003, p.135]
  4. 45
    The developer worked to get the looks and sounds of the console version on the GBA, but they didn't capture the gameplay.
  5. This game was just a little too slow (though faster than most), pulled cheap tricks, and was lacking in most departments (no stats, no Homerun Derby, no All-Star Game) and too frustrating.
  6. It lacks features and control. All you really do is make a few choices and let the game play it all out for you. It's like the battle system in an old-school RPG.
  7. A major disappointment. It lacks the unpredictability and mayhem of the console versions, as well as most of the features that you'd expect to find in a traditional baseball game.