Monsters, Inc. Game Boy Advance

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  1. A very solid action title. Not an overly innovative game by any means, but far better than much of the licensed schlock out there.
  2. The gameplay is fairly one-dimensional. [Feb 2002, p.100]
  3. A scream for very young players. [Feb 2002, p.153]
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  1. Jun 27, 2013
    This is an interesting movie adaptation of monsters inc. The game follows the format and formula similair to metroid. the game is based off a simple stealth, maze, and item collecting, and has you manuvering through different areas of the monsters inc universe (rooftops, the plant, ect) and has you going into different doors to reach these areas. once in these areas, you have to collect pieces of boos door, then use them to complete the puzzle at the end of the world to take on the boss. putting together the puzzles are very interesting. as well, the game has some very nice screenshot cutscenes of the movie, that are very clear and well represented. the graphics are quite nice, and the controls work very well. using sulleys roars to scare cda agents and other enemies works well, and the map system is very well designed. the game has 3 different diffuculty settings for all ages of gamers, and the password system allows you to keep track of your progress. the music is pretty great as well, its upbeat and catchy. all in all, monsters inc on gameboy advance is a good game, obviously made more for kids, however, still a great game. its actually suprising, considering how most liscence games turn out, this one, is actually pretty good. reccomended for kids, but this is a game anyone can pick up and play. Full Review »