Pokemon Emerald Version Game Boy Advance
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  1. Mar 26, 2014
    Fun and replayable. With over 200 pokemon to catch you can make many teams and most likely never play all of them.
    Double battles are a new addition and add a change from the "a" mashing and require a bit of strategy.
    After playing awhile I realized that I became attached to my pokemon. And I could relate and really felt bad for them when they fainted. I would always curse out the
    opposing pokemon and obliterate them mercilessly before I take my poor pokemon to the pokecenter to heal.
    The game is challenging if you don't play it right. There is almost required grinding (battling everyone and lots of wild pokemon to raise levels) and nobody to tell you to do it. The first time you play you may want to catch and raise every single pokemon you see, but get around to the second and you may find you want to raise less. Then less. Then only a few. And that's when you will win.
    My tips are raising your favorites your first time around, and seeing what you're good at. Then once you actually know what you're doing, raising only a good team that is good against most types.
    This is my favorite thing about this game BY FAR though. When you start you have dorky looking creatures like a fish, chicken, or tree frog thingy but by the end you have much more badass looking monsters that destroy everything in 1 hit.
    All in all, this game is fun and probably my favorite game of all time ever.
  2. Mar 26, 2014
    Pokemon Emerald Version is the one I like the best. It offers a cool story, a large world and huge variety of Pokemons. It's just unbelievable addicting to play with friends or alone. Easily: 10 out of 10
  3. Mar 24, 2014
    The best Pokémon game for the Game Boy/Game Boy Colour/Game Boy Advance. Once again the critics don't know jack, there's a huge amount of content, it's polished to the max, 76/100? Really? For shame. These are the same people who would destroy this game if too many changes were made, "oh it doesn't feel/play like Pokémon anymore".
  4. Feb 7, 2014
    Best GBA Pokemon game for sure, deserves 10 out of 10. This game has BATTLE FRONTIER! And you can get more legendary than Ruby/Sapphire. Do you really need anything else?
  5. Jan 9, 2014
    This is game is basically what Platinum did for Gen IV, perfect it in every way. How this game has a only a 76 is beyond me. Emerald has more to do then Sapphire and Ruby, is more fun and just has more of everything. Being one of my favorite games on the GameBoy Advance, this is a game you don't want to miss.
  6. Dec 18, 2013
    THE GOOD: This is one of the best pokemon titles of all time. Colorful and beautiful art style. The game has quite a long length. The battle system is satisfying. You can once again customize your team with the hundreds of Pokemon available. Map layout is designed brilliantly, and features a wide variety of climates and areas. There is an added Battle Frontier mode after the main story in this version that can also be fun to play.

    THE BAD: There are similarities to Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. Not a lot of changes. There is a lack of animations compared to other RPG games of this era.

    The third generation of pokemon games was highly overlooked. This game is a MUST BUY! A MASTERPIECE!
  7. Nov 5, 2013
    Although this game was a Ruby/Sapphire 2.0, it had a great story, new interesting features, more pokemon events, and a Battle Frontier to explore. It was 200 hours of my childhood.
  8. Oct 20, 2013
    Tons of content, tons of replay value, tons of fun. Its only flaw is that it isn't very different from previous Pokémon games but it is still a great game worth buying.
  9. Aug 6, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. It's took a few steps back form Gen 2 like the day-night system and Kanto, and felt unbalanced at times (the last quarter of the game takes place almost entirely in water.) but it is still a great Pokemon game to satisfy the mad people demographic who must catch em all (like me). Expand
  10. Jul 27, 2013
    Man, no one on this site can give a good critical review worth a damn...

    Eh, I digress, despite this game not being INSANELY popular among game critics or even fans of the series, Pokemon Emerald shines as one of the best quality games in the series. The problem with the Pokemon sister games (E.G. Platinum, Crystal, Black or White 2.) is that critics always review them as stand alone
    titles when they should really be reviewing them as improvements over the original game's formula, rather than giving them a low score because they didn't innovate enough. Emerald takes Ruby and Sapphire and makes lots of little improvements rather than a few large ones, and lets be honest, as Pokemon fans, that's what we really want.

    While it is deceptive, the subtle differences can catch you off guard. For the first time in the series, we have sprite animations on your Pokemon. (Small Improvement but improvement nonetheless.) You have a SIGNIFICANTLY better end game than in Ruby and Sapphire, being able to catch more legendary Pokemon, being able to take on the battle frontier (Which may as well be an entirely new set of gyms.) And several new Pokemon introduced or that were otherwise unavailable in the original games. It adds several new locations and events so there is room for non-linear exploration and fun.

    While it's true that the games battle system remained the exact same, Pokemon seems to be the only franchise that gets punched around too much for not innovating. Other RPG series like Final Fantasy or even Legend of Zelda can be a mite repetitive in re-using their formula's, but they get a free pass. And when Pokemon DOES innovate within itself, it goes unnoticed. Even though it's only a small step ut, this is the definitive way to experience the 3rd generation of Pokemon, hands down. If critics expected anything different than a slight improvement from a sister game like Emerald, then clearly they have a misguided notion.
  11. Jul 23, 2013
    A tad too familiar due to little to no changes from the previous game titles, but like many Pokemon games, it is able to delight. With the Pokemon style games with fun, enjoyable adventures, and vicious villains, "Pokemon Emerald" is enjoyable to play.
  12. Jun 18, 2013
    Great Pokemon game and especially great game for GBA.
    It had te biggest jump in graphics of all Pokemon titles (from the previous fugly and hideous GSC) and it would be stupid to do a remake of this one.
    Lots of different enviroments, contests, berry blenders it was definitely also the biggest improve in the gameplay with so much added stuff.
    Best Pokemon game for its time after the
    original games.
    Also the third generation was the last generation that I liked (Pelipper) but that is very subjective.
  13. May 28, 2013
    What isn't there to love about this title? My favorite GBA game of all time and my second favorite Pokemon game (After Platinum). I must have played through this game at LEAST 10 times. A timeless classic.
  14. Mar 23, 2013
    I dont understand why some critics dont think this is a good game? this is one of the best pokemon games ever and bring back so many memories. Definitely one of my favourite games of all time!
  15. Mar 22, 2013
    Not significantly better or even different from Sapphire and Ruby, but this is the best pokemon game. It is also a waste of money for anyone who bought Ruby or Sapphire before it, so there's that.
  16. Dec 29, 2012
    Pokemon is a game that always follows a formula. But what a perfect formula. Emerald, in retrospect, is the best Pokemon experience you can ask for, and is still pure entertainment.
  17. Aug 5, 2012
    i love the game. the only problem was the exclusion of pokemon such as lunatone,roselia,meditite,surskit, not to mention the fact that you can only see the evolution family of your starter pokemon and the first two evolutions of your rivals. another annoying feature was the rarity of lotad and seedot. overall though its a great game.
  18. May 31, 2012
    The last great Pokémon game. The third generation added a unique style to Pokémon never seen before. It felt very original and the game world atmosphere in Hoenn felt phenomenal. After Pokémon Emerald, everything went downhill. But this masterpiece still remains.
  19. May 10, 2012
    pretty good game.......sadly its obnoxious how you have no chance of completing the pokedex except without a action replay.......nd there is some stuff to do after you beat the game.........but not as much as what soul silver offers......however this game is twice as bettwr then ruby and salhire.....dont turn this game down....
  20. May 7, 2012
    My favorite Pokemon game of all time next to Crystal. Its a shame that Diamond/Pearl wasn't as good as this game. I'm not even going to get start on how bad Pokemon Black and White were. Anyway, Emerald version takes on a new story along with new parts of the Hoenn region. Some new, some what, animations into the series and a great treat after the Elite Four defeat. Emerald holds many memories in my heart and is one of the best Pokemon games I've played. It's my last favorite before it all when downhill. Expand
  21. Mar 29, 2012
    There is something wonderfully magical about that moment when you discover that one of the most enchanting experiences of your childhood is, in fact, also an awesome game of skill. This what the Emerald was for me, a first step into a world of Pokemon battling, a world that is jealously hidden from all but the most dedicated fans. All of this wouldn't be possible if Game Freak didn't step forward with the idea of Battle Frontier. It's basically a place where trainers can test their battling skills in variety of rulesets (7, to be exact). If you succeed, you will earn points for which you can buy prizes that you can use for further improving your team. The best of the best will get to face the Frontier Brains and earn Symbols as a proof of victory. This is quite similar to the badge quest, except much, much more challenging and, consequently, fun. You simply won't succeed if you don't touch upon the complex battle and stat mechanic system of Pokemon games. If you let yourself delve into them, thinking up of effective strategies, carefully training your monsters and testing new teams will soon become your second nature. The rest of the game is mostly the same as (already awesome) Ruby and Sapphire, with a few cosmetic changes like the moving sprites, more focus on Double battles, modified plot and addition of some Johto Pokemon. All in all, Pokemon Emerald is an exceptional addition to the already rich franchise, and is my personal pick for the best video game of all time. Now go dust off your trusty Game Boy Advance and get ready to have 400 hours of your life sucked away by pure awesomeness. Expand
  22. Jan 10, 2012
    Favorite game! Has great content, and while it offers a lot of the same from Ruby and Sapphire, it still has enough new stuff to make it a 10. Plus, I love the awesome soundtrack. :D
  23. Dec 31, 2011
    I may be somewhat biased because this was my first Pokemon game, but Emerald is simply amazing, admittedly it's set in the same region as Ruby/Sapphire and has all the same Pokemon, but there are plenty of new features to keep you occupied, plus the Pokemon available to catch in-game are the coolest of the region, which is always a plus, and of course, it sure is a lot prettier than its predecessors. (Oh yeah, its also a completely different story?) Expand
  24. Nov 8, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This enhanced version of Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire is incredibly fun. This time you go against both Team Aqua and Team Magma, and you'll need Rayquaza to do it. Expand
  25. Jul 10, 2011
    Pokemon Emerald version is like Platinum and Crystal version's, expansion , nothing more. Some ( and not ) big changes to some environment and clothe to the character. Plus movement.
  26. May 18, 2011
    Despite some additional Pokemon and animation, Pokemon Emerald is an unnecessary enhancement that barely enhances Ruby and Sapphire at all. For Pokemaniacs only.
  27. Mar 8, 2011
    Ruby or Sapphire were not the finest of the series, and neither is Emerald. However, while it may not improve "much" upon its precursors, it will satisfy Poke'fans and may even brainwash more.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 28 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 19 out of 28
  2. Negative: 0 out of 28
  1. It just would be nice for Nintendo and Game Freak to supply the other demand next time: the demand of something actually more different, or at least palpably new, for our hard earned. Let the pitchfork laden debate begin.
  2. 95
    A fine addition to the Pokemon line-up. It is able to take everything good about Ruby and Sapphire and improve on it, both enhancing the original Ruby and Sapphire feature as well as adding new ones.
  3. Of course, no amount of polish can change the fact that this is still a Pokémon game, and it carries the same flaws consistent to the series. It's certainly a respectable time sink, but-despite the evolutions to the core gameplay-it continues to offer extremely little to win over holdouts. However, it is an ideal starting point for new initiates to the Pokémon franchise.