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  • Summary: In Riviera: The Promised Land, you'll follow two fierce warriors--each armed with godly weapons--in a mission to defeat demons once and for all. The adventure included lets you experience more than 30 hours of role-playing gameplay, complete with minigames, multiple endings, and secret paths and items. The game's unique item system allows items to function differently depending on which characters equip them. Expand
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  1. It's not going to satisfy if you're in the market for another "Golden Sun" game or a new "Tactics Ogre" game. Despite the screen shots, it is not a tactical RPG, and it breaks a number of genre conventions associated with traditional RPGs. It could be argued, however, that this is the best reason to buy Riviera, as it certainly allows for a very interesting and unique experience with an emphasis on strategy and a wonderful story.
  2. The game ultimately exceeds expectations thanks to its engrossing story and superslick production values.
  3. The storyline is captivating, the technical presentation is superb and the unique gameplay twists make for a fresh role-playing experience that's unlike any other currently available.
  4. A merely solid game in a crowd of giants like "Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones." But for all that, it managed to etch itself a little place in my memory, and I can't help but recommend it to any RPGer with a little time and an open mind.
  5. 75
    An interesting, entertaining adventure in its own right. Atlus' latest probably won't be to everyone's tastes, but anyone looking for a lengthy, engrossing and above all unique handheld quest this summer would be remiss in passing it up.
  6. This would have been a great RPG had it not used all the "uniqueness" that makes it annoying rather that a classic.
  7. 51
    They tried to cram too many unusual features into the game, and though each is interesting and has potential individually, the resulting hodgepodge is no better than the average RPG.

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