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  • Summary: Bring the Barnyard movie to life! Battle the coyote invaders, tee up for a game of golf, target the bulls eye with your flying chicken and race downhill on your speedy bike. Explore a fully interactive, 3D world and prove they have what it takes to be the biggest party animal of them all.
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  1. The open-ended design is a breath of fresh air, while the overall presentation lives up to the movie's skewed style and humor.
  2. It is open-ended, has humor, and looks visually pleasing. Before you buy it though, make sure you watch the movie.
  3. AceGamez
    There could have been a lot more in the Barnyard to keep my entertained, sometimes I get tired of helping people.
  4. Barnyard marks one of those rare occasions where the game totally outclasses the film upon which it is based. Despite heavy repetition, you have to believe that children are going to get a kick out of the game.
  5. 67
    With a ton of mini-games (half of which are available out of the box. Nice), a huge free-roaming environment, tons of mini-quests and open-ended gameplay, Barnyard manages to pull off its design quite nicely. Having said that, the game still suffers from the normal symptoms of licensed products, lacking a little polish here, and a gameplay tweak there.
  6. An easy, mildly entertaining grab bag of minigames and missions. Kids will undoubtedly enjoy the game and their parents will find themselves sucked into numerous minigames as well.
  7. 40
    Quaint graphics, recognizable characters, easy gameplay, and many mini-games give Barnyard some staying power with its target audience. For older gamers, the game is entirely standard and boring.

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