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  1. Not even the allure of shiny robots with guns for arms can liven up this mind-numbingly simplistic and repetitive over-the-shoulder shooter.
  2. Bionicle Heroes looks good, and has a decent license backing it, but completely fails to capture the magic that made the LEGO Star Wars games a hit. What you get instead is an average, boring shooter that's only worth playing if you have a deep love for the source material.
  3. This is not a good game, there are to many disappointing features to warrant purchase and I swear I got a headache at one point from the loud graphics (I had to turn down the brightness on my TV).
  4. Unfortunately, virtually everything else about the game has issues: the story is virtually non-existent, the action is repetitive and boring, and the puzzle elements are condescendingly simple. [Jan. 2007, p.108]
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  1. Sep 17, 2014
    Absolutely terrible. Repetitive, boring gameplay, clunky character movement and an annoyingly awkward over-the-shoulder camera are just a few of the many issues that plague this game.

    Avoid. It's a chore to play.
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