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  1. 80
    May be repetitive, overwrought, and fraught with unimaginative puzzles and enemies, but those of you dying for some bloody GameCube fun won't get it much better than this.
  2. Beautifully detailed gothic environments. [Feb 2003, p.155]
  3. Graphically, it certainly won't win any awards but the surroundings are suitably gothic and provide a convincing setting for the bloodthirsty business at hand.
  4. The game is a touch too simplistic, but does have solid characters, and very good sound.
  5. Nine months and no enhancements later, BO2 hits the 'Cube. Surprisingly, it's still darn good. [Jan 2003, p.102]
  6. The graphics are well above average, the sound is superb and the gameplay is good, if a tad stale.
  7. The story has at least a couple of fine twists, and Kain is as memorable of a main character as they come.
  8. 70
    This doesn't feel like a true next-generation game. If you can live with that, the dark nature and gritty storyline of the title may outweigh its drawbacks.
  9. Linear and repetitive gameplay, inferior hit detection, and unattractive visuals makes a good deal of this title difficult to go through even once.
  10. Hardcore gamers need not apply; this game does not push the series in any direction. In fact it kind of drags it back a little but that's fine as long as it hits its intended audience.
  11. It's got a great story and a well-defined protagonist, the graphics and sound provide a suitable sense of place, but the problem with the "lock" during combat and the funnel quality will more than likely turn some people off.
  12. 68
    The least impressive title in the Legacy of Kain series.
  13. For an undead ruler, Kain sure has to flip a lot of switches and push around oodles of crates. [Feb 2003, p.144]
  14. While it features an excellent overall presentation, the actual gameplay comes off dull and uninspired.
  15. Kain is stiff when mutilating the townspeople, and the clunky character designs collapse the mood even more. [Jan 2003, p.76]
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  1. Apr 29, 2013
    I picked up this game, knowing nothing about the legacy of kain series, and having read some bad reviews in magazines. I must say that I wasI picked up this game, knowing nothing about the legacy of kain series, and having read some bad reviews in magazines. I must say that I was very impressed. The game starts off slowly, getting you used to the controls, but soon heats up, often bringing new challeneges that prove quite difficult to complete, and take more than one try. The combat system is basic, but easy to use, and the hack'n'slash action can be difficult when you first start the game. yes, there is quite a bit of talking, but that's quite alright, as the speech does sometimes hold clues and/or tips on how to get past certain bits of the game. What I particularly liked was the way that you can play the game is two markedly different ways. you can go stealthily, and only kill for neccesity (when you need a health topup, or the guard is in front of a door) or you can do an all-out massacre. Both are great fun, and this can add to your experience. Don't be a conformist and follw the magazine reviews, buy this game, give it a little time at first, and you'll find out just how much fun it can be. Full Review »