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  • Summary: Princess Daphne has been kidnapped by the evil dragon, Singe, and hidden in a medieval castle owned my Mordroc, a powerful and malevolent wizard. To save her, you will take on the role of Dirk the Daring, a goofy but courageous knight. As he advances through the castle with the help of a magical amulet, Dirk must overcome a slew of challenges, from jumping over flaming pits and climbing ropes to flying across chasms and battling swarms of the wizard's minions. Use quick reflexes, cunning, and resourcefulness to fight your way through the castle to find Daphne and save the kingdom from Mordroc's clutches. Collapse
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  1. A magnificent tribute to the 1983 coin-op Lair and a highly entertaining game for today's players. It offers a simple, almost relaxing format of fighting/jumping/adventuring set in a huge and vividly colorful castle. What more can one ask from a video game?
  2. It's bigger than before and looks great as Don is back at the graphical helm but there are some elements which are obviously out of his control such as the collision detection system, framerate slowdown and poor camera angles.
  3. The controls in the game take some getting used to, as they try and follow the basic platform layout, but at the same time try and do something a bit more Zelda-esque.
  4. The control and camera are sloppy, but the game is still compelling enough that the typical gamer will want to finish it.
  5. 60
    Sure, fans of Dirk and the Dragon's Lair series will enjoy the game on a different level than most, but with its inherent gameplay issues, rescuing Princess Daphne really boils to down an exercise in frustrating trial-and-error gaming only made worse by flawed technical aspects.
  6. A competent, faithful update to the granddaddy of classics. [Jan 2003, p.80]
  7. The game simply cannot hold up in today's market and sadly its too frustrating even for Dirk the Daring's fans to stick with it for any time.

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  1. ChadW.
    Jan 26, 2010
    I thought this game was fairly good but the only problem is the fighting gets boring out of boss battles and when it comes to the bosses some of them are very frustrating. But overall i liked the game and the graphics, animation, and music wowed me. Expand