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Summary: Picture flying through rugged terrain performing massive jumps at more than 70 mph, hitting a 40-foot jump at the ledge of a 200-foot cliff, and pulling off a backflip, a Tsunami, and a 360 all before you land. In Freekstyle, you can perform these tricks on nine different tracks. Choose from any of eight different riders with their own unique attitude and style, and then fly high in Circuit, Race, Freestyle, and Freeride game modes. If this sounds like your idea of a good time, then you're ready for the extreme lifestyle of motoX racing.
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Rating: E
Developer: Page 44 Studios
Genre(s): Driving
Number of Players:1-2 Players
ESRB Descriptors:Comic Mischief Mild Language
Sound:Dolby Pro Logic II
Offline Modes:Competitive
Cast Credit
Paul Mogg Additional Sount Effects
Chris Conway Software Engineer
Darren Pattenden Additional Modeling
Charles Stockley Sound Effects
Ken Felton Sound Effects
Stephen Tang 3d Modeler
Simon FFinch Development Director
Daniel Wood Art Manager And 3d Modeler
Bill Pauley 3d Modeler
Bill Pauley Digital Painter
Chris Killpack Software Engineer
Steven Russell 3d Modeler
Laurent Benes Lead Engineer
Laurent Benes Technical Director
Todd Growney Additional Engineering
Keith Parker 3d Modeler
Marc Farly Audio Director
Marc Farly Sound Effects
Laurent Betbeder Lead Audio Engineer
Scott Bandy Design Consultant
Jill Goodall Assistant Producer
Jill Goodall Script Writer
Yukiko Arikawa Graphic Designer
David Bunch Software Engineer
Chris Crowell Design Consultant
Joe Paulino Voice Talent
John Sicat 3d Modeler
Todd Arnold Producer
Irene Nolan Camera Animator
Marco Marenghi Animator
Daniel Miller 3d Modeler
Jim Petrick Software Engineer
Elliot Fan Concept Artwork
Michael Romero Lead Software Engineer
Bill Green Lighter
Willy Lee Software Engineer
Charles Kim 3d Modeler
Lisette Titre 3d Modeler
Justin Prazen Character Rigging
Michael McAnaney 3d Modeler
Marco Carra Software Engineer
BZ Lewis Additional Sount Effects
Chuck Beaver Art Coordinator
Tim Keon Additional Animation
Saffron Henderson Voice Talent
LeeAnn Tweeden Voice Talent
Tom Hamilton 3d Modeler
Brian Deegan Voice Talent
Stephanie Katritos-Sautai Lighter
Sue Gleadhill Animation Processing
Stephen Weston Animator
Matt Head Special Effects
David E. Davis Executive Producer
Rich Rogers Associate Producer
Dave Rader Animator
Melissa Tseng Camera Animator
Melissa Tseng Special Effects
Hypnos Entertainment Software Engineering
Dan Burnash Software Engineering
Barbara Meyers Lighter
John Byrd Senior Project Manager
Berkeley Sound Artists Dialogue Editing
Roy Gatchalian Build Engineer
Jak Churton Voice Talent
Pilar Kuhn Voice Talent
Mike Metzger Voice Talent
Jeff Seeberg Voice Talent
Big Rick Stuart Voice Talent
Mitch Miles Talent Manager
Little Beast Opening Cinematic
Alison Wong-Huchard Additional Video Editing
Kurt Hou Testing Manager
Tim Attuquayefio Testing Supervisor
James Impey Lead Tester
Romulo Rodriguez Assistant Lead Tester
Thomas Burkett Tester
Bryan Dickerson Tester
Shereif Fattouh Tester
Darren Krommenhock Tester
Johnson Lee Tester
Sean McCloskey Tester
Gary Rondez Tester
Charleen Shavies Tester
Brad Harrison Software Engineer
Mary Ricci Software Engineer
Milt Tinkoff Software Engineer
Roger Tinkoff Software Engineer
Bryan Galdrikian Software Engineer
Chris Klamm Lead Technical Modeler
Mia Foxx 3d Modeler
Cris St. Aubyn 3d Modeler
Ben Wronskey 3d Modeler
Tommy Adams Digital Painter
Brian Ransom Digital Painter
Nathan Walrath Digital Painter
Tim Oberlander In-Game Animation And Character Rigging
Denis Fung Director Of Development
Scott Rohde Executive Producer
Steven Apour General Manager
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#80 Most Discussed GameCube Game of 2002