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  • Summary: Legends of Wrestling II takes you through the wrestling hall of fame with the top grapplers that are battling for squared-circle supremacy. Play as your favorite wrestler--including Hulk Hogan, Andre "The Giant," and Bret "Hitman" Hart--each with signature entrances, taunts, and moves. A new storyline and career mode let you battle for the respect of promoters and fans while fighting for the heavyweight championship crown. The game also features tag-team tournaments, a $15,000 Body Slam Challenge, and a variety of match types. Expand
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  1. There are enough flaws, mistakes, and outright omissions of advertised features to keep this from being a recommended game.
  2. Due to the slower paced action, I would recommend this to people like me who were big fans of WWF Warzone back in the day, and don’t care as much for the faster, arcade style gameplay from Jakks Pacific.
  3. I'm still not sold on the saggy engine, but the new Career mode storylines help to keep me playing. [Feb 2003, p.101]
  4. Among the improvements, you'll find more dazzling graphics, smoother animation, more moves and more match types. [Mar 2003, p.136]
  5. 50
    I've scored the GCN's LoW2 lower than the PS2 and Xbox versions because of its lack of the interviews featured on the other platforms... combined with the GCN's persistent slowdown.
  6. A slight improvement over LOW1 and not worth the purchase in my opinion. Get it right and I'll like it. Don't waste my time with a few tweaks.
  7. 40
    The quality of the graphics look as if they are dated by at least a few years. If we were able to see crisp characters, it might add something to the game.

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  1. FuzzyMickael
    Oct 3, 2003
    I really think that the WWE paid off every reviewer to talk badly about this game. The truth is, you get 65 of the most memorable wrestlers of all time, several match types, and the controls are more than responsive for me. It's NOT the arcade-style Smackdown 2 type of controls, but that's because those controls lack depth. The ISP system in LOW2 allows for over 30 moves per wrestler, and you can set up combos, which you can't do in older THQ games. Also, you still get taunts and finishers, an in-depth create-a-wrestler mode which can create nearly any superstar you've ever seen. (Doink might be a little hard, but I bet it's possible.) And, all-in-all, this is the most entertaining wrestling game I've played since Fire Pro Wrestling D. It's better than Smackdown and Smackdown 2, better than WWF Wrestlemania 2000, better than WWF No Mercy, better than WCW Nitro, better than those old WCW/NWO games, and MUCH better than the X-Box's WWE RAW. Trust me on this one, the available moves are incredible. jumping off the ring apron, the top of the cage, ladders, tons of weapons underneath the ring. This is an exact replica of professional wrestling. I only wish they had Sting and RVD. Collapse
  2. Wwefanatic
    Dec 18, 2003
    This is not the best wrestling game ever but its a good game for hardcore wrestling fans.