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  1. What it comes down to though is if this game can compete with other console platform programs. Only on an average level.
  2. Legends has a very unique gameplay style and makes good use of all the GameCube controller's buttons. [August 2002, p.82]
  3. Sound for this game is very poor.
  4. The biggest issue that hampers the overall enjoyment of the game is it’s finicky and unresponsive gameplay. There is a noticeable delay between the time you hit a button to the time the on-screen wrestler actually performs the move.
  5. 62
    Tries to replicate this Golden Era of wrestling, and it succeeds well in this respect. Everywhere else it fails, but it tries really, really hard.
  6. I won’t lie; I’m a bit disappointed with Legends.
  7. 54
    Slow, tedious controls hamper the experience greatly, collision detection problems scratch it further, and graphic shortcomings -- from jerky animations to an unpredictable framerate -- ruin it more still.
  8. The game's poor frame rate seems almost inexcusable considering the hardware it's running on.
  9. The combo/reversal system slows the action down a bit because it takes a while for the moves to develop...The camera is a little zoom-happy. [June 2002, p.148]
  10. The loading times will put you to sleep. The difficulty doesn’t even seem to change when you increase the settings. The gameplay becomes too repetitive and has little to no variety.
  11. A plodding beast of a wrestling game that’s been made even worse by the fact that the PS2-to-GC conversion process has rendered it almost unplayable.
  12. Acclaim employees take note--varying stats alone do not a satisfying roster of combatants create...that's where novel animations and sound bytes should've come in.
  13. 45
    Nothing more than a sick attempt to purge the wallets of old school goodness.
  14. Greatest of the game's faults is the failure to capture the personality of such an exciting era of wrestling.
  15. 40
    Legends of Wrestling has, at heart, a deep and intricate gameplay system, but it's mired in overly complicated controls and a shocking unresponsiveness.
  16. Exceptionally bad. The graphics are terrible, the sound is worse, and the gameplay is boring and slow.
  17. The game, unfortunately, can be played with just a couple of basic moves since the AI is so poor.
  18. After playing "X8," legends looks pathetic. This is just not good. [July 2002, p.82]
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  1. May 17, 2013
    The career mode and the create-a-wrestler of Legends of Wrestling are pretty good. But I was disappointed with the fact that you can only play in four types of matches (one-on-one, tag-team, triple threat, and fatal four way) in the exhibition and career modes and the tournament mode isn't exciting. The control and graphics of legends of Wrestling are mediocre at best and I also didn't like the constant grappling reversals. Full Review »
  2. BrainGamer
    Aug 30, 2002
    I think this game is very good. The controlls are brilliant and if you're a wrestling fan you will be suprised just how good this game plays. It is realistic, tactical and has a very good 1 player mode, in which you have to fight in different areas of America and become popular to get a shot at winning the title. The grafix are ok but could be alot better and the sound could also be improved. Overall the desighners of this game made a very good attempt and I think the controll system should be used in other wrestling games of the future, as it`s easy to perform and reverse moves. Full Review »