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  1. There's definitely fun to be had here. And you don't have to be a four-year-old gaming amateur to enjoy it.
  2. Although play control and character actions are well-tuned, some platforms are frustratingly difficult to reach. [Mar 2004, p.118]
  3. Even with less than average graphics the basic gameplay wasn't too hard and it would prove easy for kids to get into playing as Bugs and Daffy.
  4. The ideas in the game are initially fresh and definitely a lot of fun, but the execution is meagre.
  5. The tag-team approach works like a charm, the visuals are uncannily spot-on and the dialogue sheer perfection. [Dec 2003, p.83]
  6. The pairing of two characters works very well, with certain levels requiring you to position one before switching to the other in order to hit switches and open doors - yeah, we've seen this all before but it is rare for a licensed product to bother with such game mechanics.
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  1. BugsFurbyBunny
    Jun 14, 2004
    Simple. Challenging. How many munkeys do you need to get to the final arena? 30, I think. So you need to complete a bonus challenge. How about 2? Or 3? Let's just say, sometimes you can't switch. Boo hoo. And what about Daffy Duck? I'd say, he's the hero and so is Bugs Bunny! Full Review »