Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour GameCube


Generally favorable reviews - based on 49 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 39 out of 49
  2. Negative: 1 out of 49
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  1. GameNow
    License aside, this is the best golf title I've ever played. If you dig the sport and don't have a GameCube, it's time to buy one. [Oct 2003, p.48]
  2. 95
    The control is as solid as a rock, the graphics are top-notch, the game modes are plentiful and entertaining… I mean, this is one of those games that is near perfect in every respect.
  3. If you're looking for something a bit more accessible and arcade-influenced than most golf games, or if you just love Mario, you can't go wrong with Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour.
  4. Load times do not exist in this game, no waiting for courses to load, no nothing.
  5. The visuals are simply superb, and as we mentioned earlier, the courses look gorgeous and animation is up to the high standard Nintendo has created for itself.
  6. GMR Magazine
    Practically begs to be played with other people. [Oct 2003, p.75]
  7. The N64 version of "Mario Golf" didn't leave much room for improvement. Lucky for us, Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour's enhanced graphics, magnificently tweaked play mechanics and large variety of gameplay modes and characters improved upon the original in every way imaginable.
  8. On par with some of Nintendo's best titles. It's the best multiplayer game I've played in months, and might just have more replay value inside it than the super-addictive "Super Monkey Ball."
  9. Made very well, however it requires 3 players or more to be some serious fun.
  10. As in-depth as you need or as simple as you want. And with the multiple modes, great course selection, and unlockables, you'll be playing for a while.
  11. When it comes to sports games, nothing can really beat "Tiger Woods" in the realism department, but nothing can really beat Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour in the fun department.
  12. Cheat Code Central
    One of the must haves for the system. Finally after a gapping hole in the gaming industry I feel like someone has created a complete game. It doesn't leave you hanging un-satisfied.
  13. Overall then Toadstool Tour comes highly recommended. As well as being quite a realistic golf sim it's also a fun one.
  14. 90
    The audio and visuals are pristine (gotta love that water), the core gameplay's solid as ever, and as a party game, there are few equals. If you wanted a revolution, you probably wouldn't be buying this anyway.
  15. One of the best golf games of all time, but when compared to the first, nothing has really happened. The game still provides hours of endless fun, great graphics, perfect sound, and anything you'd expect from the game.
  16. If you don't like this because it's not "realistic", get over yourself - it's not supposed to be and you're missing out on a huge amount of multiplayer fun and single-player addictiveness.
  17. 86
    As for those of you who are only keen on the Mario themed courses, keep in mind that Toadstool Tour will start off slow and you'll be playing on normal realistic-type courses to start off with.
  18. A perfect example of how exaggerated sports games can often be more fun that their realistic counterparts.
  19. Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour isn't going to shake the golf game establishment to its foundations, but it has as much depth as any of its competitors, and considerably more character. [NGC]
  20. If you like pure simulation stick with world number one Tiger Woods, but if you are ready for a wackier round of golf, let your favourite Italian plumber come to the fore.
  21. You can play with one controller and pass it around, but it's worth getting four controllers together so everyone can make use of the taunts-sinking a birdie putt with three other people mashing the taunt commands is not an easy feat, but it is a lot of fun.
  22. With a ridiculous amount of replay value in the single player version, and the always dependable multiplayer fun Nintendo delivers with their Mascot titles, I can easily recommend this game as a purchase.
  23. Nintendo Power
    Features a wealth of characters, interesting course design and surprisingly deep game play. [Sept 2003, p.134]
  24. The game is rich with Nintendo personality and delivers a solid game of golf, though players who have spent serious time with Mario Golf for the N64 may find it a bit too similar to that game.
  25. While the improvements made to driving are welcome, as are the new courses and characters, the gameplay ultimately suffers due to poorly designed putting.
  26. Gives Nintendo fans another dose of the old faithful cast and crew, with a few new[ish] faces bolstering the otherwise familiar line-up of characters.
  27. games(TM)
    If you seriously want to leave an impression on the checklists and charts, we're talking hundreds, if not thousands of hours play. Taking into consideration the multiplayer elements and potential for repeat plays there's probably more to do than you ever actually will. [Oct 2003, p.112]
  28. AceGamez
    Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour takes the adorable charm of Mario and the world of the Mushroom Kingdom and mixes it in with a solid and surprisingly comprehensive game of golf.
  29. 80
    Disappointingly, Mario Golf doesn't really get going until players have progressed through several tournaments, but once they do the fantasy locales and therein the compelling obstacle and shortcut challenges are opened, and it's here where the game truly excels.
  30. One of the game's greatest assets is its intuitive control scheme. Novice and seasoned players will be able to pick up and play with little trouble. There are customizable options for manual or automatic swing modes.
  31. Game Informer
    Mario worshippers will be entranced. To the rest of us, it's just a fun little golf game. [Sept 2003, p.110]
  32. The game is jolly and colourful and that is all that is important in the end. Though the long time motivation is somehow missing even in multiplayer I feel comfortable with the score given.
  33. If you've only got a passing interest in golf, and want a game with the usual level of Nintendo polish that tends to make their games interesting, then it's worth hitting out with Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour.
  34. 80
    Its swing mechanism is sitting in the light rough, but veteran golf gamers will drive it out without leaving a divot. If anything, it's odd that a golf game with so much color is so not wacky. But between all the unlockable options and excellent multiplayer mode, this is one golf game that won't leave you screaming for a mulligan.
  35. Mario Golf mightn't be as deep as the likes of Links and Tiger, but will keep you smiling.
  36. Electronic Gaming Monthly
    Like any good golf game, amidst all the cartoony graphics, silly sound bites, and tropical-themed songs, somehow it makes you feel like you're a real golfer. [Oct 2003, p.162]
  37. 78
    Despite its camera problems, its visual deficiencies, and the fact that it does some things worse than the original, I'm having lots of fun with Toadstool Tour.
  38. Offers exactly what armchair golfers would expect. However, that's not necessarily enough. More creativity and depth would have led to a new boss; instead, this is just another member of the family.
  39. Play Magazine
    The game is huge fun to play, but I can't say that I enjoyed the experience more than the N64 version. [Sept 2003, p.77]
  40. 70
    There is nothing quite like having a group of friends around, all buzzing about the screen trying to avoid whacking the ball into the bunker and using the ingame speech modes to annoy merry hell out of each other.
  41. The big issue, for us, is that Mario Golf hasn't really grown much since its time on the N64 - and when you consider the sorts of things that other golf games are doing at the moment, that's much less forgivable than it is in the case of some of Nintendo's genre-leading franchises.
  42. The greens play far too slowly, even on the desert courses, and despite the greens being covered in a nicely implemented undulation marker when you come to putt, they are incredibly difficult to judge.
  43. Has a great shelf life offering plenty of single player modes as well as an excellent multiplayer, so much like a round of golf this is one game that is likely to last for hours at a time.
  44. While Toadstool Tour manages to be good, it certainly isn't great, and you'd have more fun with "Tiger Woods."
  45. netjak
    The game is inconsistent. I'll nail the ball perfectly, taking lie of the land and wind speed into consideration; yet the results are never what they should be. What I'm saying is, is that playing with the "auto" is much more productive than "playing for real". This really disappointed me.
  46. Edge Magazine
    Mario Golf might just be one of the finest games ever made. It's the only explanation EDGE can think of for how it remains playable despite having so very many things wrong with it. [Oct 2003, p.101]
  47. It's the perfect game to enjoy with kids, the wife, or friends who may not be into golf while still giving you that golf fix you need.
  48. 60
    The new control system hurts more than it helps...While the game is competent, it lacks the depth that made the previous Mario Golf game so enthralling.
  49. Golfing game standards like club selection, power meter, and control of backspins and topspins satisfy, but the sometimes-clunky controls and confusing camera perspectives will leave you teed-off.

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Generally favorable reviews- based on 56 Ratings

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  1. Nov 14, 2015
    Very awesome game! The graphics are great for the NGC. The controls are good. The character selection is okay. The courses are awesomeVery awesome game! The graphics are great for the NGC. The controls are good. The character selection is okay. The courses are awesome especially Cheep Cheep Falls because of the music. Mario Golf Toadstool Tour is a great game and you should definitely buy it! And if you hate Mario Golf, you're BEYOND silly as JB. Full Review »
  2. Aug 31, 2016
    I originally purchased this game shortly after its initial release in 2003, and thought it was a rather solid Gamecube title. At the time, II originally purchased this game shortly after its initial release in 2003, and thought it was a rather solid Gamecube title. At the time, I didn't realize how great of a game it truly is. Thirteen years later, it's one of the few games I still play on regular basis.
    There's really no need in explaining the 'plot' or familiar gameplay elements that are in similar casual golf games, so I'll cut to the chase: It's a highly addictive golf game with a pleasant 'Mario' style that is best enjoyed with friends. There are a few mini games which I've honestly only ever slightly dabbled in, and the game does have a bit of hidden depth. Spinning the ball can be a particularly advantageous way to play if you wish to approach the game in that manner. Furthermore, the player can choose to manually hit every shot for more accuracy. The game runs smoothly, and the controls are very fluid. Plus, there are no graphical hiccups to speak of. All of the characters have unique attributes, and play significantly different. The courses are also all wildly varied, aside from the the first two, which end up feeling too easy and bland once the player puts 5+ hours into the game. And that's my only complaint. I can understand having one very easy course, but the second one should have been more difficult. Despite that minor quibble, Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour has stood the test of time, and is my second favorite video game ever made, closely behind TMNT: Turtles in Time for the SNES.
    Full Review »
  3. Jul 19, 2016
    This is my favorite mario golf game it is better than any other. There isn't to much to explain except I want a lot of people to play it and IThis is my favorite mario golf game it is better than any other. There isn't to much to explain except I want a lot of people to play it and I do recommend it to people! Full Review »