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  • Summary: You can relive the classic Mega Man X series in the seven-game compilation Mega Man X Collection. Mega Man X is the series of 2D platformer Mega Man games featuring the game's namesake and his partner, the sword-wielding Zero. The collection features Mega Man X through X6, as well as the North American debut of Mega Man Battle & Chase, the only Mega Man racing game. In addition to the classic titles, the collection features remixed soundtracks, sketch art, and other Mega Man goodies. Collapse
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  1. The games in MMXC are the kinds that will make your wrists hurt and your palms sweat, and I mean that as the highest compliment. [Feb 2006, p.97]
  2. If you've got the patience and the drive, Mega Man X Collection is a fun title that challenges your gaming skills and gives you a good history lesson in the process.
  3. Mega Man X Collection features the triumphs and failures of Capcom's most dynamic duo. It faithfully renders all of the aspects of the games, be it the quality platforming, the tough bosses, or the less savory things like bad level design and ridiculously challenging obstacles.
  4. Even though the unlockables are unbelievably light, Mega Man X Collection is a great value.
  5. 75
    Mega Man X Collection is money well spent. X1, X2, and X3 are the best games to show up in a retro set in quite some time. Don't miss them.
  6. Mega Man X Collection follows the same basic formula as Capcom's excellent first Mega Man compilation, but it just doesn't have quite as much to offer.
  7. 60
    A respectable compilation of the blue bomber's other adventures, though it pales a bit in comparison to the Anniversary Collection released a couple of years back.

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