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  1. You can't really play this game without thinking of the dark, sweat-filled arcades that're now long gone, or of those plastic-sheathed sitdown machines you still sometimes see in bars. Midway Arcade Treasures is like a time capsule, buried back when games were simple, and no less fun because of that.
  2. Probably the best compilation I have ever seen.
  3. This incredible compilation is a dream team of sorts for anyone old enough to remember having to out to play the best videogames. [Jan 2004, p.128]
  4. The emulation is solid, delivering sound and gameplay that's up to par. [Jan 2004, p.86]
  5. It's a must for old schoolers and also a must for the younger generation so they can see what we had to play and how far videogaming has come in the last 20 years.
  6. The graphics may seem outdated, but the gameplay has held up over time. [Mar 2004, p.118]
  7. 70
    Apart from the difference in controls, these games are essentially what gamers played in arcade when the games were released in the 80s. Don't go expecting anything more than the games, however, as it was the emulation portion that received most of the attention.
  8. There should be at least half a dozen games in this compilation that you already love or will fall in love with once you start playing, which makes for twenty dollars well spent. Don't hesitate to get this one if you've been thinking about it.
  9. You can't help but feel that a much better job could have been done if more time had been spent making sure that everything worked correctly.
  10. Had developers put the extra effort into interface and fuller options for the core treasures rather than including all the throwaway titles this could have been a stellar collection. As it is, Midway Arcade Treasures holds a tenuous spot at strictly average, teetering on below average.
  11. The presentation isn't enhanced by the highly compressed FMV interviews, either. There are only a few too which is a shame.
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  1. Oct 11, 2011
    An excellent compilation of some of the best arcade classics of the 80's. Some of my all time favorites like Defender and Spy Hunter are present though there are a few duds like Bubbles. The majority of the games are great however and many include cool videos and other historical information. It's much better done than the Namco Museums on the Gamecube. Full Review »