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  1. The biggest issue most gamers will have with this package is the obvious lack of the original control input devices, like the steering wheel for "Pole Position," or an arcade-joystick for "Pac-Man."
  2. For classic gaming fans who were there when these titles were new or for retro fans who respect the roots of the industry, the latest edition of Namco Museum is a great budget title to pick up.
  3. While Namco Museum is fine for people who are looking for arcade classics, players who own most of these games in another format needn't bother adding this to their collection.
  4. Newcomers or younger gamers hopefully will try it out and see where the fun is, but ultimately this game is for those of us who grew up during that golden 80's era.
  5. Arguably, there are other classics that should have been included, but it's an excellent sampling and a nice blast from the past if you're interested in walking down memory lane.
  6. 40
    A compilation this old and overused should have more than just some quickly ported games and a handful of awful filler titles.
  7. Namco is so faithful to the aspect ratio of the original games that the screen is often wee tiny. [Aug 2002, p.144]
  8. A shining example of what an arcade collection can and should be, featuring plenty of takes on classic arcade favorites accessed through a friendly, polished interface.
  9. The Arrangements could have had much better graphics and the sound in the Arrangements is absolutely horrid.
  10. 40
    An adventurous trip to the seaside arcade would be more rewarding than this.
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  1. BarbaraB.
    Apr 26, 2003
    These are a good collection of old games with some updated options available - Galaga was a favorite of mine & my daughter and now my nearly 6 yr old grandson. I love the new version where you can play and restart from where you were. The controller does not seem to respond as well as an arcade joystick did for playing but we still spend hours playing them. Lots of replay value to us. Full Review »