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  1. In addition to wedging the usual hundreds of teams, stadiums, and plays into the game, NCAA Football 2005 focuses on what makes college football special: the psychotic fans.
  2. This is the deepest football game to ever be released on the planet. From players transferring because of a lack of playing time, from your star quarterback cheating on his exams, if you want the most true to life, exciting football game available, NCAA Football 2005 is definitely your choice.
  3. In all, it felt like the players had a slightly lower center of gravity. This allows not only for a good running back to become extra shifty through better lateral movement (without even having to use the juke button), but it also gives defenders an extra punch to their hits. [July 2004, p.112]
  4. One major flaw that the game has is the recycled bits of commentary from Lee Corso. The man’s a football genius, so throwing in sound bits that were recorded last year is just disgraceful. That being said, he still gives a great performance, even though he doesn’t offer any helpful tactics in this title.
  5. The option to equalize the stats of both teams in an online contest stands out as particularly brilliant. Not that most of it isn't already brilliant. Because it is. [Aug 2004, p.100]
  6. By far the best college football game to date. [Aug 2004, p.74]
  7. Definitely a notable improvement over last year's offering and the new Home Field Advantage feature is marvelous, but the recycled visuals and mere handful of other additions may deter those who already own 2004 from purchasing the game.
  8. The game's graphics have never looked better - especially the stadiums and close-ups of the fans who sport pained faces, funny hats and celebration animations in the name of team spirit. [Sept 2004, p.115]
  9. An excellent college football game. The controls are spot on. The graphics are solid, and the dynasty mode will keep you playing for a long time.
  10. 90
    An ultra in-depth Dynasty Mode and online capabilities will keep you playing until NCAA 2006, or at least until the new Madden comes out.
  11. 90
    When playing in a loud stadium, visiting teams face a rowdily vibrating controller, shaking screen, and players whose lack of composure causes bad plays. If you think you can handle it, you're in for a surpise - the overall effect is huge, really adding to the challenge in key moments like kicking a field goal. [Aug 2004, p.90]
  12. EA Sports has nailed everything fans love about the college football experience, making it equal to their flagship "Madden." So quit waiting -- it's time to hit the field.

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