NHL Hitz 20-02 GameCube


Generally favorable reviews - based on 13 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 9 out of 13
  2. Negative: 0 out of 13
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  1. The fact that NHL Hitz is so easy to pick up and then so playable once you're hooked is the thing that makes the game a total success in our book – there are so few sports games around these days that manage to do the job so well.
  2. An incredibly fast paced sports game with the intention of causing as many broken bones as possible. A great laugh on your own but with 2-3 friends it becomes an absolute hoot!
  3. 90
    Might not be real NHL hockey, but it might be all the hockey you really need.
  4. This game is great for a quickie, when you’re in the mood for this style of game, but if you want something that draws you to your controller day in and day out, then you need something with more depth.
  5. A hard hitting, fast paced game. Unfortunately, like most things that burn at high temperatures, its life span is short.
  6. Game Informer
    Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think Midway could create a game that competes on EA’s level, yet Hitz does it. [Feb 2002, p.87]
  7. If your looking for a good ole fashioned arcade, hockey check fest, or an alternative multiplayer game to Super Smash Brothers Melee then look no further – NHL Hitz is here.
  8. Looking for the mot realistic hockey game ever? Look elsewhere. NHL Hitz is about adrenaline and ass-whuppin' - in that order.
  9. 78
    Like the other games in their series, Hitz is easy to pick up, fun to play, and not at all representative of the sport that it's based on.
  10. 74
    It's so arcade-like that it suffers from the same drawbacks that so many arcade titles do: it's shallow. It's a great pick-up-and-play title, but only hardcore hockey fans will want to spend more than a couple of hours at a time with it.
  11. Always frantic, NHL Hitz 2002 provides some high-level entertainment for the first couple of days and works best as a multiplayer game, but the handicapping AI makes the gameplay unbalanced.
  12. Nintendo Power
    Midway has taken the most violent aspects of ice hockey and adrenalized them. The resulting mayhem is a blast. [Dec 2001, p.170]
  13. 60
    The game will be exciting right up until you realize that the game itself is controlling how close the games will be, and your skill seems to have no bearing on the outcome in the long run unless you get a lucky shot at the end.
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 7 Ratings

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  1. A.
    Jul 9, 2002
    Well done graphics with fast-paced, loose teeth hockey action. The franchise mode where I made an entire custom team and took them on the Well done graphics with fast-paced, loose teeth hockey action. The franchise mode where I made an entire custom team and took them on the road was my choice for playing through all the teams, and I could do so with 2 friends against the cpu's. 4 player is a blast with easy controls, nice one-timers, and fist fights to knock out your friends players. Graphics-9 Gameplay-8 Controls-9 Multiplay-9 Buy it and have some friends over! Full Review »
  2. [Anonymous]
    Dec 27, 2001
    I think it is a good game because the graphics and game play action. I also like that there are no refs so you can be as bad as you want.