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  • Summary: As terrorist attacks against the United States and Venezuela escalate, you are in charge of leading the last line of defense: Rainbow. In Rainbow Six 3, you will lead this top-secret task force dedicated to combating terrorism in all its forms. Your team consists of the best field operatives--equipped with an arsenal of no fewer than 30 weapons--that the United Nations has to offer. You may be the last hope in the war against terror. Expand
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  1. It's a tough, fun game that will have you coming back for more until you've mastered it. But it all feels a little dated now. Be aware that this isn't your typical shooter either... silent, but violent.
  2. I think we can all agree that it's better than Tom Clancy's "Sum of All Fears." Yikes.
  3. There is no reason in beating a dead horse; no Gamecube owner expects online gameplay from a Gamecube title. With that said Rainbow Six 3 offers enjoyable squad-based gameplay and will certainly fill up the appetite of Gamecube owners.
  4. There is just too much missing here for this game to become a permanent fixture in your game library.
  5. 65
    [The GCN version] has ejected what was the big draw of the Xbox original: the online functionality. It's kind of like taking the meat out of the hamburger. What's left is a single-player-emphasized shooter that's still intriguing and fun, if a little clunky, but nonetheless only a fraction of what it might have been.
  6. This game is simply sub-par to it's Xbox counterpart, and for that matter the PS2 version as well.
  7. A game that screams "missed opportunity". This is a flawed and lazy port of a great game.

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