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  • Summary: We made this game to exercise your mind and to challenge your friends
    in numerical combat. Its not easy, but its fun if you like number
    puzzles and games like boggle or word whomp. Feel free to taunt and
    trash talk your friends, only the fastest and smartest minds will win.
    We like to think
    of it as fight club for smart people.

    The premise is simple. We give you a target number and using 6
    randomly generated numbers from dice, you will take those numbers and
    add, subtract, multiply and divide them with each other to arrive at
    the number.

    Sounds simple right? However, in single player mode, we put you up
    against a timer to get you to think fast. All this helps train you to
    go head to head with a friend on an iPad to challenge each other.

    This game is only for IPad since it we designed it first for two
    player action head to head.

    See who among your friends is the alpha dog of numerical calculations
    and the mathematical deadly arts. In the meantime, your math will get
    better and its kind of relaxing in a get in the zone type of way.

    In future versions, we will make a multiplayer version that can be
    played with groups of people.
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