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  • Summary: 91 Ranch is available as a game application on the social-networking website, Facebook.
    It is based on a 3D mobile phone engine, which is the latest research and development of the company,ND soft.
    The game allows users to manage a virtual ranch, where they can do things like raising and
    breeding animals, help friends to midwifery and harvest their animals, and many other fun things!

    Game Features:
    -Breed and harvest animals to experience the thrill of being a rancher, without all that hard work!
    -You can breed different kinds of real-world animals, even some magic animals!
    -Lots of interaction with your friends on Facebook, in this virtual world: help take care of friends animals, and earn some of their harvest, send gifts, etc..

    Game FAQ
    1. I don't have friends in 91 Ranch. What can I do?
    Answer: You can invite your Facebook friends to join you on the 91 Ranch.

    2.How can I register an account for 91 Ranch?
    Answer: This game is specially made for Facebook users, so you can login the game with your Facebook account, if you have already created one. If you don't have a Facebook account, you can register a new one for free!

    3.How can I raise more animals?
    Answer: You can only raise up to 4 animals at Level 0. The higher your level, the more the animals you can raise! (Note: It will increase for the first time at level 2.) Add more friends and earn more Coins to upgrade your level, fast!
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