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  • Summary: "Addicus is simple to play, cool to look at, and yet challenging enough to keep you coming back again and again." 4/5 -

    Get Set Games proudly presents Addicus, an addictive and challenging arcade puzzle game with an emphasis on fast-paced action and beautiful graphics.
    It's easy to play but oh so hard to put down! THE AIM OF THE GAME ****************************** Add up numbers to reach the goal number before the timer runs out! Try to score extra points by getting pairs, flushes, secret numbers and speed bonuses! With the extra challenge of matching colours to numbers or playing fast enough to go into OVERDRIVE, Addicus adds up to plus-sized fun! FEATURES **************** - Dozens of secret bonuses! - Multipliers and chain combos! - 70 unlockable achievements worth 1,000 Feint score! - Overdrive mode for ridiculously high scores! - Endless replayability! - Part of OpenFeint, the largest iPhone game community! - Online worldwide leaderboards! - Challenge your friends to beat your score! - Integrated with Facebook and Twitter! Only the highest quality numbers were used in the production of this game. TRAILER **************** Watch the official trailer for gameplay footage and terrible puns! MORE GREAT REVIEWS ****************************** "Rounding out the release - a debut for Canadian start up Get Set Games - is the game's bouncy presentation, with colourful graphics and upbeat music combining to make Addicus a nice little package." - Pocket Gamer "Their game, Addicus, is a number-based puzzler that incorporates a simple and fun concept with great graphics and entertaining bonuses, which will get you hooked in no time." - AppBoy “Highly recommend it”, “4 out of 5 stars” - AppSlappy "Addicus makes math fun–which hasn’t happened since maybe second grade–and it’s bouncy, colorful, and challenging, so it’s well worth a download." - “be careful because it is very addicting” - AppShouter Expand
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