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  • Summary: ★ Special Launch Price! ★Unlock the mysteries of the ancient June civilization while experiencing an exotic puzzle quest with Allods Adventure HD!The Oakgrove family needs your help in finding the Great Treasure of June, a legendary fortune that was lost when the kingdom of Sarnaut fell to ruin. Today, the treasure is fiercely guarded by the mysterious Key Masters, the surviving protectors of the four archipelagos of Sarnaut. Armed with a collection of bizarre pets with magical abilities, solve the puzzles contained in each archipelago to unlock its respective Key Master and discover the mythical treasure. Collect stars and defeat the army of monstrous beasts guarding your path to move through each maze and reach the Key Masters. Can you use logic, strategy, and cunning to defeat the guardians of Sarnaut, solve each puzzle, and unearth the prize of a lifetime?-- Features --UNIQUE PUZZLE MECHANICS Navigate the challenging puzzles of 29 beautiful islands using your pets’ abilities to beat beasts that guard each puzzle FASCINATING STORYExplore the narrative’s twists and turns with fun comicsINCREDIBLE GRAPHICSEnjoy amazing sceneries created with innovative Unity3D technology SIMPLE GAMEPLAYLearn how to navigate each puzzle with user-friendly controls and interactive hintsCOLLECTABLE EXOTIC CRITTERSGather a collection of 48 creatures with unique animations, abilities, and effects! UNLOCKABLE REWARDS Get prizes for every completed mission and add fantastic concept art to your collection! ADVENTURES CONTINUE! The most talented players will unlock special bonus levels! HALL OF FAME Share your achievements with your friends on social networks!- THE GAME DOES NOT SUPPORT iPHONE 3GS or any previous device. - Expand
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  1. Dec 14, 2012
    It'll make many a puzzle fan scratch their head a few times throughout the game, which is all anyone can really ask of a quality puzzle game. With such a classy and well polished interface, Allods Adventure is all the more appealing.
  2. Dec 11, 2012
    While the main game is a little slow starting and takes a while to offer more challenging levels, the unlockable ones are actually quite good and may have you pondering the possibility of in-app purchases, either for hints or more content to explore.
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