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  • Summary: The benchmark of the action-adventure games on next-gen consoles lands for the first time on your iPhone and iPod touch.

    **MacWorld: "One of the most ambitious titles for the iPhone yet. The game takes several hours to complete (think 6-10+) and is therefore one of
    the most lengthy (and challenging) iPhone games I’ve played."
    **Pocket Gamer Silver Award: "Honed from an earlier release, this much improved version cuts through control problems with impressive, varied gameplay for a rousing and wholly worthwhile adventure."
    **IGN: "Assassin's Creed looks fantastic. This is a console game for your iPhone that sacrifices very little."

    Jerusalem, 1191 AD. The Third Crusade between the Crusaders and Saracens is tearing the Holy Land apart.
    You are Altaïr, a Master Assassin sent by the Order of the Assassins on a quest to find “The Chalice”, an object of such power that it can end the Crusades, depending on which camp owns it. Steal The Chalice from the Templars before someone offers them the right price for it.
    The fate of the Holy Land depends on you...

    Plunge into this direct prequel to the critically acclaimed game title, Assassin's Creed™, offering rich gameplay and a well-balanced mix of stealth, chaotic action, and riddle-solving exploration in the midst of fully 3D-rendered historical environments of the Crusade's Middle East.

    - Master the assassin's skills to benefit from a wide range of acrobatic moves and perform impressive combo attacks, mixing sword skills and kicks.

    - Choose your fighting tactics based on 6 weapons for both close combat and long-range attacks: Swords, daggers, grappling hook, and bombs.

    - Skill-based mini-games put your patience & dexterity to the test: Perform pickpocket maneuvers to carefully steal precious items from the crowd and make informants speak.

    - Unique dramatic tension on iPhone, intensified by 3D cinematic cutscenes and characters' voices.

    - Collect orbs to upgrade health and weapons.

    Recommended for fans of action, adventure, and historical games.
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  1. Mar 8, 2011
    Perhaps if you are a dedicated fan of the AC series you may want to give this a try, however everyone should approach this with a bit of patience.
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  2. Negative: 2 out of 4
  1. Sep 11, 2012
    I love assassin\'s creed games and this is good use the power of the ios and ds but this game is also for the ds and revale the story of altair and this game is unic Expand
  2. May 9, 2012
    Assassin's Creed Altair Chronicles is a real disappointment. Why? Because it haves repetitive missions and the story is dumb . But it haves some cool moments during the gameplay, but several of them. The soundtrack is lame. But, the game still can be fun, in someway. I play it sometimes, but I stay playing for like 1 minute and I quit it. (5.0) Expand
  3. Aug 28, 2012
    I was looking further for some Assassin's Creed games for iOS, and I found this game. AC: Altair's Chronicles is a letdown. A game without the great feeling of Assassin's Creed. Wow, I was surprised how bad was the plot, and the gameplay was, ironically, not fun at all. While there are some good moments, and It haves great controls, still, this game is a letdown. 40 out of 100 Expand
  4. Dec 6, 2011
    This game is some crap, the controls are horrible, the story line is stupid, and the the audio goes out of sync with the video. This game is just crap don't buy it. I can't even get past this stupid part in the beginning, it's messed up. Expand