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  • Summary: B.I.T.S Pinball was recently featured in "New and Noteworthy" and "Hot New Games"

    Version 1.1: Contains significant physics tweaks that makes the game even more fun and enjoyable.

    Do you have what it takes to be a pinball wizard and compete against people around the world
    for the top spot? Can you handle 20 balls on the table at once? B.I.T.S isn't another pinball simulator, here are some of the features:

    * B.I.T.S mode
    The main feature of the table is B.I.T.S mode. There are 5 B.I.T.S levels (all on the same table). Each level is subsequently worth more points and you receive bonuses for destroying all the B.I.T.S on a level.

    * Ball Cloner
    Once the ball cloner is enabled you have 60 seconds to clone your ball as many times as you can.

    * Power Ups
    There are 3 hologram phases. After activating the hologram you can get the power-up by passing the ball through the hologram.

    * Multi-ball Mayhem
    If you complete all 5 B.I.T.S levels you'll enter this mode. For 20 seconds a new ball will spawn each second.


    - touch anywhere on the bottom left part of the screen actives the left flippers
    - touch anywhere on the bottom right to active the right flippers
    - touch and drag your finger down to pull the plunger back, release your finger to release the ball
    - touch top left part of the screen to pause the game
    - touch top right part of the screen to go back to the menu.

    We have a gameplay video available on our website at http://www.ballinthesystem.com

    follow us on twitter for live updates and giveaways:
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