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  • Summary: This description is 99% Bullsh#t free*The bulls are out to crush the mall and it's your job to help them by flinging these anti-social bovines across huge levels, smashing everything (and everyone) in sight. Use pinball bumpers, exploding crates, elevators and barrel cannons to keep your bull in play and rack up massive damage.*****************************************INTUITIVE GAMEPLAYPull back on the bulls to launch them at the environment. "Derivative" you say? Hey, it's all about where you take your inspirations to, not from**. In our case, that's the gutter. By way of a strip club. Alcohol may also have been involved. It's all a bit hazy to be honest.SUPER-SIZED SMASH UPSHuge levels to vandalize with multiple floors, elevators, pinball bumpers and barrels to shoot out of.BULLS TO THE WALL ACTIONCollect coins to unlock new bulls, each with their own unique and extraordinary aBULLities. There are six bulls to unlock and unload on the mall like puke on a birthday cake.IT AIN'T EASY BEING A HOOLIGANThe shop owners are fighting back with meat-grinders and irresistible lady cows.ADVANCED BULLSH#T ENGINECould this be the first video game in the world to accurately simulate bovine fecal matter?GO F YOUR FRIENDSSend F cards to friends, relatives or random strangers from within the game, they'll love you for it.SPEND YOUR WAY TO SUCCESSNot very good? Why not purchase one of our many In App Purchases so you can get a better score and look like the big man? Won't change the fact you're a pussy, mind.*****************************************Like us on facebook at us on twitter at****************************************** actual bullsh#t content may vary between 1% and 67.25%** according to Jean Luc-Godard anyway. Also, maybe it's time to learn the difference between a genre and the most popular game in the genre. Just saying. Expand
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  1. Apr 27, 2012
    The over-the-top violence and humor will simply not work for some people. However, I implore anyone on the fence to bite the bullet and check out this title. It strikes that hard sought balance of accessibility, appealability (again, for some more than others) and enjoyability with very little in terms of detraction, and it's certainly one of the better physics-based titles that I've checked out.
  2. Apr 27, 2012
    Visually, the graphics are less impressive than the gesture controls and functionality.
  3. May 14, 2012
    Featuring crude imagery and humor and familiar slingshot physics, Bullistic Unleashed is a fun, demolition-focused offering that comes with somewhat limited appeal.
  4. May 30, 2012
    An entertaining, if underdeveloped, physics-based puzzler that's just far too shallow to sustain momentum.