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  • Summary: **LIMITED TIME SALE ~ Only $2.99!** The ultimate in reality TV excitement – COPS – races onto iPhone & iPod touch!!

    ***** “The bottom line is that COPS: High Speed Pursuit is just fun to play.” - Gamers With Casts

    ***** “This is a pretty cool
    game… I’m kinda hooked.” - Crazy Mike’s Apps

    COPS: High Speed Pursuit pits you behind the wheel of some of the most extreme police vehicles, letting you experience the rush of a high speed police chase.

    Hit your siren and then hit the road!

    Tap your accelerator and race up to your suspects, then steer in close with the accelerometer to take them down.

    Do it right and you’ll earn cash and promotions that unlock the vehicles that best handle the terrain…

    …the open highways of the Florida Everglades…

    …the mountainous passes of the Pacific Northwest…

    …the clogged freeways of L.A….

    …the dusty, winding roads of Route 66….

    With 15 levels of adrenaline-fueled pursuits across four unique geographic terrains, only your skilled techniques on the road can ensure there’s no getaway for these bad boys!

    Watcha gonna do when they run from you?

    ***** COMING SOON: More cars, more pursuits, and multiplayer!
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