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  • Summary: Crazy Bikers 2 - The epic race around the world!To the fans of the original Crazy Bikers: We thank you for making Crazy Bikers the great success it was. You asked for more, now you get it! To old and new players: Crazy Bikers 2 is free so everybody can try it without fear of regret. The list of improvements and new features is endless. The game was rebuilt from scratch, with some of the most beautiful, colorful and detailed graphics you have seen in this genre of game on an iPhone or iPad. Even so, what sets Crazy Bikers 2 apart is the gameplay - a work of art, literally. With a new physics engine featuring full-suspension in all bicycles and terrains hand built curve by curve specifically to give you the ultimate, smoothest, riding experience. You can be sure you'll experience absolute smoothness and control over the bike. Oh, by the way, there's more than just bicycles now! We are committed to deliver a great game so you can have a great experience. That means regular updates. Improvements, new features and new content for your joy! Be ready... Some major features: - Universal App, all devices supported with native resolution Art. No up scaled graphics. We took no shortcuts. High quality, uncompressed art at native resolution on the new iPad for you;- New physics engine, so much smoother; - Full suspension on all bicycles;- Riders with different characteristics;- Full Gamecenter integration withLeaderboards, Achievements, Multiplayer;- Simultaneous head to head in real time;- Six amazing worlds with six tracks each; - 12 crazy riders and their *bicycles*;- Night mode for riding at night!;- Weather effects such as snow, rain, etc;- Turbos at the push of a button;- New, original soundtrack;- New, better and simpler game mechanics;- Control modes: Tilt / Classic - Much, much more!Next major update: - New world with six new episodes! Have fun, rate the game and write your reviews loaded with suggestions. We are listening! Expand
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  1. Sep 11, 2012
    If you were interested in taking Crazy Racers 2 out for a spin, don't even bother unless you have plans of paying to turn off ads. Even then, you will probably not be overly entertained by what lies underneath for any more than a single sitting.
  2. Sep 12, 2012
    This racer is pretty crazy, but it's hampered by its glitchy multiplayer mode and buy-your-way-to-the-top leaderboards.