• Release Date: Apr 5, 2011

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  1. Apr 28, 2011
    Its nice to see indie game developers being part of the recognized games industry and being acknowledged for their hard work. When you think of a few guys getting together to create an entire game it feels good. Not like the big production houses that take years to pump out a game with over a hundred people working on it. Shows what a little passion and heart can get you. Eggrollin is fun and plays better than a lot of big published titles out there. I'll continue to support indie devs and contribute my 99 cents to show my support. I give you guys a 10 for effort and bringing small time devs to the forefront. Nice job. keep the updates coming yall. :) Full Review »
  2. Apr 28, 2011
    Amazing game. Lots of cool features. Just needs game center and scoring system but I love the cute characters and soundtrack. I read on the website that the next update will have game center and achievements. Also heard there will be level sharing across my friends. Can't wait to see that happen. Full Review »
  3. Apr 28, 2011
    OMG!!!!!!!!! Such a cute game. I like the music. 10 for putting a big smile on my face today. :) I can't get past the third chapter level 13 tho. Need more practice. lol...tilt, tap, roll, hop, tap, roll, tilt, fall off...and repeat. Full Review »