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  • Summary: Thanks GAMEZEBO for reviewing Elements Defender!!?"Giving Elements Defender a style of gameplay that’s reminiscent of action RPGs like Torchlight 1 and 2" --- From gamezebo?"Their teams self made gaming engine looks beautiful and the game plays JUST like they describe" --- From Toucharcade.com?"Character animations are top class too. The real time shadow on the hero is pretty cool too" --- From Toucharcade.com=================================================================?? Stunning Gameplay and Graphics-- Gorgeous graphic powered by our SELF-DEVELOPED 3D engine. -- Terrific visual graphics and special shadow effects.?? TD + RPG Mechanics-- 5 Chapters to choose from: Sanctuary Hallway, NightStone Town, Academy Hall. Central Plaza and Lost Mine.-- 16 Upgradeable Magic weapons with 3 kinds of magic: FIRE, ICE AND LIGHT. -- Activate the towers all over the corners to help defeat the monsters and bosses-- Pick up coins and Earn free crystals ?? In-Depth Strategy-- Use 6 functional POTIONS to help defend the CRYSTAL-- Set up TRAPS to kill massive monsters.-- Collect and feed your PETS! They can fight with you!-- Swap between weapons to defeat different monsters.-- Unlock the CHALLENGE MODE to see how long you can survive. Earn more coins as you can in Challenge Mode.-- Get FREE CRYSTALS every 10 mins to upgrade your items.You are the last Magic Tower Defender! To protect the balance of the mainland, to defeat the invasion of the monsters, you need to defend the last magic crystal with your power! Young Defender, Are You Ready?!Creative TD meets Action-RPG. Pick up your weapons, upgrade the towers, fight with your pets, set up your traps and kill all those monsters!!! It is time to fight!????? Will you survive? Young Defender ???????IMPOTRANT! iPad 1? iPod Touch 4th not supported.??If you really like our game, pleas rate us! Your rating will bring more free updates!!Follow us:Twitter?https://twitter.com/Zendo_EDFacebook?http://www.facebook.com/ElementsDefender?ref=hl  Collapse
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  1. Jan 3, 2013
    Begging for a five-star review in exchange for in-game currency like it does is a little desperate.