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  1. Aug 2, 2011
    Kairosoft has struck gold! Their recent release, Game Dev Story, has light up iOS review sites left and right, and earned high marks from players as well (it's currently the #1 player-rated iphone app). After pouring 25 hours into 2 different game companies, smashing sales records, and hardly sleeping for a week out of obsession, I can easily say this is one of the most addictive games I've ever played. Expand
  2. Jul 25, 2011
    Game Dev Story takes users back to a pixelated, 32-bit World, one where graphics wasn't important and games could rely solely on solid gameplay. The addictive nature of producing your own games through your team of trained staff (whilst it seems that your character just loafs around calling the shots) is very rewarding. After choosing a genre (e.g. RPG, Action, Adventure etc.) a Type (e.g. Fantasy, Animal, Romance etc.), and a name for your masterpiece, users must lead their team to creating the next best-seller; constantly trying to pitch themselves for awards, earning capital, and gaining a larger fanbase. This is a must-have for anyone that loves Video Games. If you don't believe me - download Game Dev Story: Lite for free now! Expand
  3. Oct 11, 2012
    Don't you dare count this game out just because it's for phones. This is a sweepingly fun game. It takes the absolute essential mechanics of a sim game, and makes them the most interesting and fun little ongoing puzzles you can imagine. It's all budgeting and planning, and hiring cool guys to get the job done. Everything is in cutesy retro graphics for a nostalgia feel, and that fact that you're making games seems like an inside meta-joke. You can even watch as the generations of consoles pass by, all with little humorous names. This is an amazing experience! Expand
  4. Dec 28, 2013
    Game Dev Story will be remember as one of the most addicting simulation IOS games to date. Every IOS owner must own this game and acknowledge Kairosoft for there outstanding work! Follow the world of gaming, will you create the game of the year?
  5. May 7, 2013
    Very Similar to Game Dev Story on iOS. This is much polished and smooth graphics! More realistic Consoles like we get in actual life. Overall thanks but PLEASE release for iOS! Much better market for you guys Ignore these comments about copying! Only little features are the exact same but so what! Thankyou :D
  6. Jul 31, 2012
    One of my favorite games ever it proves a game doesn't need a story to be ground breaking. The puns are funny. It's music is really good. It's fun. It has the highest replay value of any game I've ever played. It's Amazing!!!
  7. May 27, 2014
    Game was fine and fun on my Xperia X10, got a HTC one M7and then it was just unplayable. Extremely laggy on any mode, **** frame rates. Extremely unoptimized game
  8. Feb 26, 2013
    Simply the best Kairosoft game yet, its highly addictive and very time consuming(in a good way), it also involves creativity and sometimes also luck, it starts of slow but over the ingame years the game just gets better and better. Can't wait for Game Dev Story 2
  9. May 12, 2013
    One of the best Kairosoft games.Perfectly balanced.Lovely designed.And it gives you a high motivation.
    The only negative things are the relative high price and after 40 Years there not much things to do left.
    But still a little game jewel.
  10. May 27, 2014
    I have played this because of Game Dev Tycoon. I cannot criticize the graphics, but the only thing that matters. The game is quite addictive and really nice thought, but it is very high to understand how to unlock all the things and the necessary qualities for a good game that you must make. I played it a lot, but I have never got good reviews for my games and neither the best game award. However, playable. Expand
  11. Mar 21, 2014
    As far as addiction goes this game takes the cake. I can almost guarantee that once you load this game onto your iPad / iPhone you will not put it down. So find a comfy chair , a spare wall outlet and your charger, cause you won't want to go anywhere.

    The concept is simple, you manage an up and coming game dev company and you make your fortunes by developing the games or doing outside
    contract work for money. With money you can hire more experienced people, spend more on the development and buy better advertising.

    There isn't much of a walk through or training mission, just some quick tips to read and the rest is up to you. Luckily it's easy enough to figure out the mechanics.

    I know it doesn't sound like much and the graphics are in the retro 16bit look but it pulls it of so well and being a portable game, quickly stopping to get on with your own life is a breeze. Casual or Hardcore this game is a must for everyone's iOS devices.
  12. May 17, 2014
    But what a bad game! This game is absolutely not look graphically! It's ugly and unplayable! Fortunately it is free because I'll probably do not buy! Go his way.
  13. Jun 10, 2014
    A nivel de mecánicas y jugabilidad es uno de los objetos de estudio más interesante que tenemos en el desarrollo de videojuegos. Dentro de su simplicidad consigue mantener clavados al jugador hasta gastar la batería. De los fundamentales para cualquier desarrollador.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 17 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 16 out of 17
  2. Negative: 0 out of 17
  1. Mar 20, 2011
    For a game that relies on stats, Game Dev Story oozes charm and character. You will care about your company and its hard working employees, even when they fail you. It's this winning formula that will see you playing in to the small hours and possibly even laying awake at night, wondering just how you can make that one special game every developer dreams about.
  2. Mar 18, 2011
    Game Dev Story promise is undeniably alluring: create your game studio and try and make it prosper. It seems pretty rich at first, with recruitment, advertising, genre level-up, training of your employees, advertisement, game reviews etc. to play with, but after 3 or 4 runs, most players will have seen almost everything and understood how to maximize profit and success in the game. Let's hope that the sequel will run deeper for a prolonged satisfaction.
  3. Mar 1, 2011
    The vast majority of iPhone fans probably won't get it. People who care about the gaming industry, however, definitely will.