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  • Summary: Play as He-Man, the man so manly they had to name him twice! Defend the secrets of Castle Grayskull against the evil forces of Skeletor!

    Featuring epic battles, awesome attacks, and all your favorite heroic Masters of the Universe, He-Man: The Most Powerful Game in the Universe™ brings
    He-Man, the Most Powerful Man in the Universe from planet Eternia to the App Store for iOS.

    Finally, By the Power of Grayskull, iHave the Power!

    Game Features:
    • He-Man characters and world that fans know and love remastered for the modern generation.

    • 27 action-packed levels spread across 7 areas of Eternia.

    • Fluid, intuitive controls for stunning swordplay.

    • Huge boss fights with He-Man's greatest foes including Beast Man and Skeletor.

    • Strengthen He-Man with fabulous secret powers and upgrades.

    • Universal: plays great on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 6 out of 11
  2. Negative: 1 out of 11
  1. Oct 30, 2012
    Equal parts a stomp down memory lane, a cheeky wink to the past, and a hardcore action-platformer, He Man: The Most Power Game in the Universe is a game that's worth wasting your time on.
  2. Oct 26, 2012
    By casually lampooning itself, He-Man: The Most Powerful Game in the Universe is entirely accessible to both the young and old alike. It's a celebration not only of He-Man and Eternia, but a respectful bow to the type of gaming that became so popular when Price Adam was still a boyish whelp, and you'd be mad to miss it.
  3. Nov 13, 2012
    A good platform/action game with He-Man and The Masters of Universe as protagonists...a dream that became true for every fan of the series.
  4. Oct 26, 2012
    He-Man: The Most Powerful Game in the Universe isn't a perfect game, but it's fun to play despite its flaws. Moreover, if you're a big fan of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, you'll enjoy it that much more.
  5. Oct 26, 2012
    Not the most powerful game in the universe. It is however a quite enjoyable romp through memory lane that can be enjoyed by both fans, and newcomers to the series.
  6. Oct 26, 2012
    It never quite overcomes its control issues or its by-the-numbers design.
  7. Nov 12, 2012
    Nostalgia can be an intoxicating thing, but in the case of this iPad outing it's simply not powerful enough to overcome the boredom borne of run-of-the-mill design. Eternia? More like eternally dull.

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  1. Oct 26, 2012
    This game is an excellent example of why I love playing video games. Super addicting grinding / battle mechanics with tap and slash to keep me pacing my thumb and not get injured, high res graphics and awesome audio. For $.99 there should be no one out there complaining this is plain and simple too good not to pick up and enjoy. Expand
  2. Oct 29, 2012
    I grew up watching the He-Man cartoons and this game brings back so many fond memories. All of my favorite characters are included and the best part is I can now share He-Man with my 7 year old son. He can play on my iPad and he loves it! Expand