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  • Summary: Hidden Land is an exciting game that challenges players to discover the mysteries of an island lost in time and space. Players will enter this mystical realm through an ancient portal and gain power of time. Using these powers players will eventually change history and save the people of this mysterious land from a disaster foretold by prophets long ago.Along the adventure, players will meet a great Chieftain, a wise Shaman, a brave Treasure Hunter, a mysteriousMedium, and many other characters as they tell their fascinating stories and help players solve the mystery and save the island. Players will experience all of this intrigue and adventure throughout a backdrop of magnificent palaces, hidden sanctuaries, and lavish treasuries. Each of these locations will reveal their secrets to the adventurers. To make matters more dire, hordes of insidious enemies, dark creatures, and rebel fighters are threatening ancient empire at every turn. The prophecy has foretold that only a brave and worthy leader can stope the evil! Are you prepared to take control and save the island?Game Features:A myriad of fantastic locations to explore in the past and presentNumerous ways to adventure through the world overcome discover natural disasters and ancient curses A deep and fascinating story unfurling the fate of this adventurous worldDozens of intriguing characters to meet A huge number of unique and valuable items to gather for collections Rich music soundtrack and audio effectsOfficial facebook community: http://www.facebook.com/HiddenLandCommunityVideo trailer:http://youtu.be/4FE6_s2sj0w Expand
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  1. Mar 2, 2013
    Hidden Land brings some nice ideas to the free-to-play hidden object genre, like dual timelines and city-building components. And best of all, it actually gives you the freedom to experience them!
  2. Mar 1, 2013
    A busy surface tries to muddle this otherwise fairly straightforward Hidden Object game.