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  • Summary: The debut title from Rodeo Games, HUNTERS: Episode One is a turn-based strategy game developed exclusively for iPhone and iPod Touch.

    Download and play for FREE, once you've levelled your team of mercenaries to level 2 you can unlock the full game through in app purchase or continue to
    play at level 2 for as long as you like.

    HUNTERS: Episode One
    By the end of the 21st century, the human population on Earth was estimated to be over 500 billion. Governments strained and buckled under the masses. As humankind looked to their leaders for salvation, the world’s corporations looked to the stars. Within 20 years, humans had settled on their closest neighbour, Mars.
    The year is 2981. As the third millennium nears its end, mankind has spread through the galaxy like wildfire. Planets are not ruled by governments, but bought by corporations. The ink on a contract is thicker than blood. Money is everything.
    Groups of mercenaries and hired guns travel through space taking on the dangerous and illegal jobs that corporations deny and cover up.
    They are called Hunters.

    Turn based strategy:
    Develop your own tactics and style of play in this turn based strategy game. Designed from the ground up for the iPhone and iPad devices.

    New Missions:
    Each day you'll receive a set of contracts direct to the Bridge of your Spaceship, which you’ll have 24 real time hours to complete.

    Customise your team:
    Customise your team of Hunters with weapons and armour, before dropping into the turn based strategy game.

    Drop game:
    Navigate your Hunters through richly detailed environments. Take down AI controlled
    enemies and complete your Contract Objectives.

    Buy bigger, more powerful weapons. Stronger armor. Better equipment. New stock is available every hour.

    Levels and talents:
    Grow your team. Gain more equipment, upgrades, and special abilities. Build the most powerful team of mercenaries in the Universe.

    Coming soon:
    Multiplayer. Story based missions. New contracts. More environments to fight in. New weapons and armor. Hero characters.
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  1. Sep 6, 2011
    All the little things that make a good game great are present here. Great graphics, decent sound effects, deep (yet quick) gameplay, new content in the form of missions and equipment available all the time, leveling up and customization for your entire team.
  2. Apr 8, 2011
    It plays well on the iPhone and iPod Touch with a great control system, but run this game on an iPad, particularly on the iPad 2 as we were, and it works perfectly. Hunters: Episode One is a tense, thrilling game that brings the classic turn based strategy genre on to iOS with amazing success.
  3. Apr 13, 2011
    Hunters: Episode One delivers a solid gameplay, lots of armors and weapons, a huge number of missions (new ones come every twelve hours) and some nice detailed graphics. If you like turn based strategy games, don't miss this one.
  4. Mar 3, 2011
    Provides a solid grounding for what could be an insanely addictive tactical turn-based title, but bugs and the lack of story missions are holding it back for now.
  5. Mar 30, 2011
    These are the kinds of titles that can set the platform apart as one of the truly unique experiences in gaming. It is definitely well worth a look, especially when you consider that the base game is actually free.
  6. Mar 29, 2011
    If you like it, and can live without a linear level structure you have almost unlimited game life ahead of you. If you on the other hand want a clear goal with the game you owe it to yourself to at least play the free portion to sample this new exciting game developer.
  7. Mar 15, 2011
    Despite an odd mission structure, Hunters: Episode One succeeds with solid, in-depth turn-based tactical gameplay.

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