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  • Summary: Captain the Vegendary Heroes, survive the Zombiegeddon and take revenge upon the birds, the pigs, and the zombies! Enjoy this mind-blowing travesty of mobile game hits!

    Enemies have joined forces to destroy all plants! They trample down young innocent seedlings, besiege the allotment and
    steal the seeds! Take charge of Vegendary Heroes special fertilisation squad and box the blighters mugs!

    To win, you will have to use anything that can shoot – and you'll find that nearly everything CAN!

    • 11 superfighters, each with a unique fighting style (and potential for development!)
    • A host of enemies endowed with various abilities (any resemblance to famous persons is entirely coincidental :)
    • 45 fascinating missions: base defense, hostage rescue, carpet bombing, etc. (we won't leek [gettit?] any more secrets for fear of spoiling your pleasure!)
    • Elementary controls – you shoot where you tap!
    • And if that doesn’t fill your boots - for afters we got screwby bonuses and SUPER BOSSES!

    The final battle will require total involvement: baste the birds with tomatoes, take advantage of carrot ordnance, chop zombies and sprinkle on the salad to watch your green-as-grass recruits grow into seasoned sergeants.

    Download it for free and let them see who is the veggy here!
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  1. Jan 17, 2013
    Sure, a lot of the game's themes have been done before and a lot of the core gameplay elements are relatively familiar, but everything Vegend does is accomplished well. When it comes to any game, that's the most important aspect, and in that regard Vegend is certainly worth a recommendation (at least for fans of the genre).
  2. Jan 15, 2013
    The art and parodied characters are probably the best thing about the game since the gameplay seems a little too familiar.
  3. Jan 31, 2013
    Fast, fun, but ultimately familiar, I Am Vegend feels like a plate of tasty but lukewarm leftovers.
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