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Summary: Project Sword is a fantasy action adventure RPG for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.
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Developer: Chair Entertainment
Genre(s): Action, Role-Playing, Action RPG, Fighting, Fighting, 3D, 3D
Cast Credit
Cliff Bleszinski Design Director
Shane Caudle Principal Artist
Joey Kuras Audio Design & Integration
Jeff Farris Senior Gameplay Programmer
Chris Perna Art Director
Gil Gribb Senior Engine Programmer
Ed Lima Audio Design & Integration/Voice Actor
Scott Sherman Senior Engine Programmer
Zak Belica Audio Director/Voice Actor
Pete Hayes Senior Artist
Mike Larson Audio Director
Christopher Sabat Voice Actor
Laurent Delayen Senior Gameplay Programmer
Jason Bestimt Senior Engine Programmer
Eric Holmes Senior Designer
Donald Mustard Creative Director
Donald Mustard Writer
Geremy Mustard Technical Director
Nathan Trewartha Senior Artist
Bert Lewis Senior Artist
Niklas Smedberg Senior Engine Programmer
Wyeth Johnson Senior Artist
James Golding Senior Engine Programmer
Andrew Scheidecker Senior Engine Programmer
Josh Adams Senior Console Programmer
Scott K. Bowen Senior Programmer
Simon Hurley Senior Producer/Writer
Shane Pierce Senior Concept Artist
Joshua Andersen Senior Gameplay Programmer
Martin Sweitzer Senior Gameplay Programmer
Joe Wilcox Senior Engine Programmer
Chris Bartlett Senior Graphic Artist
Kevin Lanning Senior Character Artist
Maury Mountain Senior Artist
Steve Polge Senior Engine Programmer
Nick Cooper Gameplay Programmer
Joe Wilson Cinematic Assistant
Rod Fergusson Executive Producer
Ian Thomas Senior Web Developer
John Scott Senior Engine Programmer
Daniel Wright Graphics Programmer
Stephen Superville Senior Gameplay Programmer
Mike Fricker Senior Engine Programmer
Jordan Walker Senior Technical Artist
Adam Ford Art Director
Scott Stoddard Lead Animator
Orlando Barrowes Senior Effects Artist
Michael Low Senior Animator
Laura Heeb Mustard Publicity
Howard Phillips Studio Director
Jeremy Ernst Technical Animator/Rigger
Jay Hawkins Senior Concept Artist
Greg Mitchell Cinematic Director
Chris Mielke Producer
Nick Atamas Engine Programmer
Gameplay Programmer Nick Cooper
Derek Cornish Senior Engine Programmer
Joseph Graf Lead Gameplay Programmer
Lina Halper Senior Gameplay Programmer
Wes Hunt Senior Engine Programmer
Peter Knepley Senior Gameplay Programmer
Matt Kuhlenschmidt Engine Programmer
Joshua Markiewicz Senior Gameplay Programmer
Robert McLaughlin Senior Gameplay Programmer
Martin Mittring Senior Graphics Architect
Michael Noland Senior Engine Programmer
Matthew Oelfke Senior Gameplay Programmer
Daniel Schoenblum Senior Engine Programmer
Samuel Spiro Senior Gameplay Programmer
Daniel Vogel Lead Engine Programmer
Nicholas Whiting Gameplay Programmer
Sam Zamani Senior Gameplay Programmer
Benjamin Zeigler Gameplay Programmer
Sarah Asby Executive Assistant
Josh Aker Composer
Israel Curtis Music Producer
Laura Curtis Vocal Performance
Bryan Massey Voice Actor
Mary Morgan Voice Actor
David Nikdel Additional Engine Programming
David Nikdel Engine Programmer
John Scott Senior Engine Programmer
Ian Thomas Senior Web Developer
Daniel Wright Graphics Programmer
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