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  1. Dec 19, 2012
    Meganoid 2 is game for people who love nail bitingly tough games. For those willing to take the abuse, they'll find one of the finest platformers on iOS.
  2. Nov 25, 2012
    Meganoid 2 turns up the heat and throws you in to a bare-bones series of white-knuckle platforming challenges; not for the easily annoyed.
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  1. Feb 2, 2014
    This game is one of the most FRUSTRATING games i've ever played, but in a good way.
    It starts off as just your regular retro-platformer;
    This game is one of the most FRUSTRATING games i've ever played, but in a good way.
    It starts off as just your regular retro-platformer; catchy music, short stages in areas such as dungeons, etc.
    Right when you feel like you're getting the hang of it, after level 25, the game suddenly gets HAIR-RIPPINGLY ,TEETH-GNAWINGLY, BUTTOCK-CLENCHINGLY DIFFICULT.
    You need to play most of the stages so many times in a row that at one point you know everything about it. You know exactly when to jump over a hole without getting hit by a bullet, you know the exact patterns the un-killable enemies move in, and you can simply play some parts of the level with your eyes closed. Then, when you finally reach the end of a level, it's one of the best feelings ever.
    This feeling soon wears off as you see the next stage, which looks even more undoable.
    After finishing quite some levels and getting to level 35, you look at how much of the game you've finished already. 20 **** PERCENT. Yeah, it's not like your getting an epic boss fight soon, things are going to get even a lot worse.

    So, i hear you say, why did you give this game an 8? Well, first of all, the controls work great, so at least when you die, you know it was your own fault. Second, that feeling when you complete a level. It makes you feel like the biggest genius in the history of gaming. This feeling makes you forget all your problems for one second, and is what makes it so great.

    Presentation: 6
    The menu just looks like a regular drawing made low-resolution, rather than a real 8bit picture, and there's an advertisement at the top of the screen, but at least it's pretty straight-forward.

    Graphics: 7.5
    The retro-styled graphics speak for itself and the game looks fun overall.

    Sound: 5.5
    the music is catchy but keeps repeating itself, and sound effects are annoying.

    Gameplay: 9
    Works surprisingly well for a tablet/phone game. The game rarely lags, and the controls respond quickly.

    Lasting appeal: 10
    This game will sure as hell keep you busy for a while.

    FINAL MARK: 7.7
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