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  • Summary: ********** On Sale for $0.99 *********** "Unlike many other match 3 games that try and differentiate themselves by half degrees with theme changes or an extra powerup or whatever, Orbitsu really is different." - Frapstr.com "It's the kind of tough challenge that will keep those who wish to master Orbitsu playing for hours, if not days or weeks. Anyone who manages to notch up a ten digit score will deserve our collective respect."
    - Pocket Gamer

    An unknown force has invaded the Star System. The fate of the galaxy is in your fingers. Only you can clear the Star System and stabilize the universe.

    Strategically launch orbs into the star field's orbit. Connect any 3 orbs of the same color to cause them to explode!

    Any remaining orbs attached to an explosion will collapse and become Charged orbs.
    Connect a Charged orb with 1 orb of the same color to cause them both to blow up. Clear all orbs to complete the stage. As you progress, additional challenges arise such as orbit changes, black holes, super novas and more!

    Game Play video can be viewed at:

    - Arcade Mode with 200+ Levels
    - Defender Challenge: Defend the Star System by tapping on incoming orbs to destroy them.

    - Combo Challenge: Rack up insane combo chains with no limits.

    - Survival Mode: Keep the Star System clear as long as possible.
    - High Scores
    - Up to 3 Player Profiles

    ** Compatible with iPhone and both iPod Touch Generations (1st & 2nd Gen) **
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