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  • Summary: Orbz is a fun and colourful memory game for all ages. Based on the popular Simon game, a series of colour orbs flash in a random sequence. The object of the game is to match the sequence by touching the correct coloured orb on the screen. As you progress the sequence gets longer and quicker.

    As an added Incentive each combination of Game type, mode and difficulty has a separate high score table.

    There are 2 game Types;

    Copy: A random sequence is played, starting at 1 orb, increasing by 1 more orb for each round. You must watch this sequence and then repeat it. If you get the sequence wrong it is game over.

    Follow: A random sequence is played, unlike copy mode you must press the correct orb as soon as it appears. More than 4 current orbs in the sequence, or a wrongly selected orb and it's game over.

    Both game types have three difficulty levels;

    Easy: 4 Orbz
    Medium: 6 Orbz
    Hard: 8 Orbz

    With 3 Games modes to choose from;

    Orbz: Flashes the orbz in sequence.
    Colours: Flashes a colour ciricle on the screen instead of flashing the Orbz.
    Words: Flashes a word representing each orb colour on the screen, instead of flashing the Orbz.
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