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  • Summary: Pinball Yeah From CodeRunners/Interplay Brings you: Pirate Pinball for the iPad ? MEDIA REVIEWS OF PinballYeah! Universal ? THATGAMINGSITE: "...fun and addicting pinball game with many redeeming qualities..." Overall Score: 9/10 Challenge the mighty Kraken and keep an eye out for the treasure! ?KEY FEATURES? ? Download over 3G Networks! ? Support for older gen and recent high end devices, set the quality of the graphics as you please! ? Unique Pinball, Fantasy non-simulation based Pinball! ? 4 Player HotSeat Multiplayer like the good old days! ? Online World and National score boards! ? Fight the Kraken! ? Beautifully colored graphics and a awesome atmosphere. ? Original high quality soundtrack and audio effects. ? Realistic physics,real 3d physics, no faked 2D physics here! ? Full multitask support with iOS 4, listen to your own music any time suspend and resume. No game will ever be lost, you can even suspend it during loadings! ? All rotations supported, unlike other pinball games we give you full freedom, rotate and change the camera as you please. ? Full automatic rotation with optional lock option. ? Even more content on the way! ?Gameplay? ? Hit the sharks to fight the mighty Kraken! ? Pile up the treasure count on the left boat and activate it on the right one, go for the treasure at SKULL ISLAND! ? Use the multipliers to increase your treasure count.?TIP? Try to activate the treasure during multiball!?TIP? ? Release the stranded balls for massive cannon multiball madness! ?TIP? To master this game you will have to master the TILT !?TIP? ?Full Version (PinballYeah! Universal)? ? 4 Uniquely themed tables! ? 4 Player HotSeat Multiplayer like the good old days! ? Online World and National score boards! ? Even more amazing and original fantasy gameplay! ? Fight the Kraken! ? Try to defeat the A.i.! ? Enjoy the classics! ? Amazing soundtrack and graphics! ? Even more content on the way! ?If you want to see more free tables give us a fair rating!? Expand
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