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  • Summary: Limited time! Free sale! Until 11/16! !*Let the Princess kick “soliders” up high!*"Princess Punt," a new genre of game called "Action Puzzle type RPG," debut!This game is stage-based format released for smartphone and tablet play, which combines features of puzzle and elements of role-playing game.[Features] Interactive touching gameplay, is easy and fun for everyone to play! Rules are simple! But the gameplay is well detailed. Surely addictive! Fighting battles with your own characters, which you raised as you wished, are so exciting! [Description]1.Control the "Princess" to kick "soldiers" toward monsters!! =Clear stages by eliminating all monsters!2.Amount of damage is influenced by a spot of monsters you hit! =Aim and hit the weakness point of monsters to get massive damage! 3.One-tap strategies =You can use specific skills according to the arms, by tapping the screen while soldiers launched in the air. This game needs to work out a strategy like a puzzle, by using the character you have raised, to beat monsters.In order to raise your character, you have to store experiences into arms, or to change your weapons to a stronger one.There are several kinds of weapons provided in this game, such as Swords, Bows, Spears, or Wands. In addition, you can use specific skills according to each weapons, by tapping the screen while soldiers launched in the air. Keep going to play the next area, you have to defeat a powerful boss, at the end of each stages! "Special Boss," which appeares suddenly, is a chance to get rare items!It is hard to defeat, but prizes worth it! Expand
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  1. Nov 14, 2011
    Taking a concept like Angry Birds and molding an RPG system around it is an interesting idea. Princess Punt pulls it off, but the constant swapping of items and the consistent load times might turn some players off.