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  • Summary: Opening Event 66% discount on limited period* [ Game scenario ]* Once upon a time, there’s ‘Q’ living at far far away somewhere in space. ‘Q’ were wander from place to place and they captured of many planets whenever they found. (they seems like a green puddings!) The way to capture of planets were they cover the land with their green pudding bodies.* They always move around in crowds because their IQ is very low.* So, Space guard dispatch a ‘CAT (a.k.a.Go-Nyang-E)’ to protect our planet from ‘Q’s military occupation.* The green pudding war is start from now on!** [ Introduction ] - This game is powerful action game which means; Shoot and Killing ultra lovely cute ‘Q’ (OMG…)* [ Special feature of this game ] - Use various weapons to Shoot and Kill ultra lovely cute aliens ‘Q’* (the temptations of giant cakes, exorbitantly fast speed machine gun, a fan which is blow away everything, a vacuum which is sucking everything, a laser beam of pierce dump everything, etc…)* * total 9 different weapons! (Other weapons coming soon) **- Special upgrading system. You can upgrade of each weapon of reloading speed, damage, number of bullet etc. And also you can change weapons as your taste by downgrade too.** - Shoot and Kill ultra lovely cute 14 different ‘Q’s. (small lovely Q, not small but cute Q, bit big but cute Q, strange but cute Q, etc… (Other Q’s coming soon) *- Move around the planets mission by mission. (grassland, volcano, iceberg, grave and an island of air, etc… and also magnificent back ground music…) * - Kill forever of ultra lovely cute Q in endless mode. You defense falling endless Qs, count and record how long you defense for. - You can hold and play your mobile phone by a hand. We consider your convenience of ‘vertical mode’ and ‘push & hold’ to auto fire. [ Game tips ] If you want to see ultra lovely cute Q’s death, you may attack little bit of top part rather than a spot of you touch (which means touch bit of bottom part of Q).* If you Push & Hold than it will auto fired. Do not keep pressing. (except bazooka) It’s kind of fun if you temptation them with Cake, and using bazooka which is attacking splash.* Vacuum sucks Q when you drag. (But if you suck up our solider lovely Kitty, it’s terrible…)* [ Update plan ]* Finish balancing work of 5th planet ‘grave planet’* Open laser weapons* Ranking system by endless mode recoding *New Q coming soon - Lovely cute ‘Santa Q’ for Christmas Any recommend or question, please send us an e-mail thank you.*kkhtgtn@gmail.com Expand
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