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  • Summary: Let’s make my own unit!

    “The rebirth of fortune” is a strategy games borrowing the combat mode showed in SRPG of "Tactics Orger" or of "FinalFantasyTactics" famous as from before, which has an intention of organizing one team with the 8 units in total, and
    making them the best mercenaries.

    Make your own unit to compete your own strategy with the other as if play chess game.

    * Goal of Game

    The individual 8 units have their mutual relation of help, and can make various strategies according to their disposition. You should make the good strategy according to circumstances against various AI on 50 stages to eradicate the enemy and to win. If you win on a stage you will be compensated of it, and through its fund you can upgrade your won unit.

    * Update Plan

    1.01 Using Bluetooth offers Network Play(2 Players)

    * The Game Rules

    1. Before the combat, you should make your unit, and dispose it within the Limit Ratio allowed. Make your own unit according to the strategy.

    2. When it is in your turn you can select one unit to move, and designate the act(attack, special). One turn is limited to 30 seconds, and if you can not complete your act in 30 seconds, your turn will be passed to the enemy.

    3. The unit you acted once changes its color into black, it is disabled. As time goes by if its color becomes bright you can select it again. This is related to the agility of unit, and the unit of high agility is relatively short to be reactivated.

    4. You can move the unit to attack the enemy within the field of attack. In this time, each unit has its own field of attack, damage volume and method of attack, and you need to have the good strategt according to the characteristics of your unit.

    5. Once you attack the object you will see the white circle image on screen, which continuously repeated its size smaller and larger. This is related to the defensive power and accuracy rate, to which you can give the enemy more damages when touching the smallest circle. Also, if attacking the enemy behind or by side you can do it better.

    6. The unit after the act(when the wait button was pressed) can select its direction to see. As in the number 5, the unit can have different damage volume according to the direction to see, and you will have to be careful about the direction.

    7. The gage bar and treasure icon up in the screen are indicated with the resources consumed when you use the special technique of unit’s own. In general, when the unit uses the special technique it will consume one more treasure(here it is called orb.). Once gage bar is filled it produces one orb, and this gage bar is refilled when it is attacked or unit dead or gives its turns in a short time.

    8. Each unit has its own special technique according to its own individuality. This is something powerful to turn the tide of the war once in the game, which you should be ready to collect the orb and to use the good special technique to circumstances.

    9. When you progress this battle and destroy completely the whole enemy, you win. In case of hiller, with no means of attack, it is destroyed completely even in spite of only hiller. With the compensation obtained with victory you should upgrade your own unit, and be ready for the next battle.

    10. You can not use all the 8 units from the first time. You should upgrade the unit with war fund you obtained from the battle, and use the new unit according to its upgrade condition. This is configured by a sort of growth tree.
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