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  • Summary: Save Toshi is the best 3D blox physics puzzler for the iOS, and it launches as a FREE Christmas gift for TODAY ONLY! Gift your friends and followers by telling them about it:)
    Nitako, the award winning devs of “Rasta
    Save Toshi is the best 3D blox physics puzzler for the iOS, and it launches as a FREE Christmas gift for TODAY ONLY! Gift your friends and followers by telling them about it:)

    Nitako, the award winning devs of “Rasta Monkey” (featured by Apple on “Best Swinging Games”, reached the #9 top paid on the US store), are back with “Save Toshi”, the best 3d physics puzzler on the appstore!

    Physics puzzles are definitely one of the most popular game genres on the app store. While most of these puzzles take place in simple 2d worlds, Nitako's Save Toshi pulls ahead of the competition by providing a brilliant 3d take on that genre, one that can easily be compared to the Wii's hit game Boom Blox. You can watch a gameplay video here:

    For insanely cute popstar Toshi-San, dancing is like oxygen! The only problem is that she forgot how to walk... Help Toshi get to the green dance-floor by shooting down the different types of blocks she is standing on, in this highly immersive and innovative 3d puzzle game.

    The intuitive controls that are incredibly simple to pick up. To shoot, tap your finger on the target. To rotate your view, just drag your finger around, THATS IT! Save Toshi has an easy and straightforward learning process with detailed in-game tutorials. There is also a hint system to help you with even with the most challenging levels.

    The clever level design combines these simple controls with a great variety of game-play elements (materials, explosives, hinges, and more) to create 100 mind-boggling puzzles. It takes a lot of trial and error, but it is extremely rewarding when you find the best solution.

    To rule the leader-boards, you need to solve all levels with as few shots as possible WITHOUT using hints. While the game starts with an extremely easy tutorial puzzles, later levels can be insanely difficult to score perfectly. For the first time on the iPhone/iPad you will really have to use your head and think in ALL 3 dimensions!


    * The first and most innovative 3D blox physics puzzle for the iOS
    * Amazingly fluid and realistic 3d physics - works without a glitch on all devices!
    * 100 fun and challenging levels with a smooth difficulty curve
    * Outstanding variety of different game-play elements
    * Intuitive and super easy to pick up controls
    * Easy and straightforward learning process with in-game tutorials
    * Hint system available for all levels!
    * Simple golf like scoring system (based on number of shots)
    * Open-Feint achievements and leader-boards
    * Insanely cute and hilarious lead anime character
    * Unlock new beautiful 3D environments
    * Unlock new outfits and level music
    * Universal app with full HD Retina display - will look great on your iPad!

    We believe in an ongoing conversation with all our players, so please let us know what you think about Save Toshi! You can also follow us on twitter or subscribe to our mailing list on our website and get FREE bonus content alerts in the future.
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  1. Feb 19, 2011
    Save Toshi is one happy dance party full of fun 3-D puzzles.
  2. Feb 19, 2011
    If you want to have a really fun game that takes the excellent gameplay of Boom Blox combined with a good physics engine you can't go wrong with Save Toshi.
  3. Feb 19, 2011
    Colourful and novel, Save Toshi is a fresh breath of anime-style gaming in the 3D physics puzzler genre.
  4. Mar 2, 2011
    Shenanigans aside, this is a well-designed and tricky puzzle game that rewards creativity. It also helps that the designers let you restart puzzles from any point with zero load times, and user friendly controls allow you to view a structure from multiple angles.
  5. Feb 19, 2011
    Give it a whirl. Physics puzzlers have been done plenty of times before but Save Toshi brings something new to proceedings and it's great fun for it.
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