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  • Summary: Welcome to the world of Sploosh! Help Bazzil the bee and his friends to defeat the greedy cactus people who have drained the world of water.Use gravity to move water around each level, to feed plants, grow grass and bring the world back to life! Revolutionary controls, innovative gameplay, and Bees!Happy Splooshing!-------------------------------Latest Reviews:"Sploosh is..a casual, family friendly..puzzle game, if you will. It's like "Where's My Water?", only better." - 4/5 iPhoneGamerUK"I have no choice but to give Sploosh two thumbs up. It’s a well priced, thoroughly addictive, iPhone game which will certainly give you your money’s worth back in entertainment. …buy it because Sploosh will make you smile." - 8/10 ReadyUp"have really enjoyed my time with it… totally worth it." - ControllerNation.Best Kids Apps - App of the week------------------------------- Collapse
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  1. Feb 3, 2012
    With a colorful yet muted palette and affective audio ambiance, Sploosh offers a physics puzzle experience that's worth a play. Like all physics puzzlers, things can get frustrating in the later levels, but you'll find yourself returning to this world of exploding cacti and water rotation when ever you need to slow things down and have some fun.
  2. Jan 24, 2012
    Sploosh is (too) short and (too) sweet. If you've completed Where's My Water? and are looking for a temporary fix, this should float your water physics-puzzling boat.