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  1. Jul 30, 2014
    While this new digital CCG may feel a bit familiar, Star Admiral offers a sci-fi twist and galaxy's worth of solid gameplay for free.
  2. Jul 22, 2014
    CCG fans are unlikely to be lured from their heavyweights of choice, but those looking to supplement their gaming diet could do far worse than giving Star Admiral a go.
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  1. Nov 18, 2014
    I play this game a lot in my free time and just noticed that there is no user review on metacritic, so I will do one, because this games deserves a lot more attention!

    In short: It is Hearthstone, but with 3D Space Ships! I am really a huge fan of SciFi and cannot see all these high fantasy games anymore. And I love CCG and TCG games. Thus, Star Admiral is the perfect deal for me. It is not a AAA production like Hearthstone, but it is a very polished and fun Indie game with high value. Nice style, entertaining and paced matches, many cards/ships, no Pay2Win!!!1

    There are some twists, which makes it different to other CCGs. For example, in order to get mana (energy in SA) you have to sacrifice a card before your round. You dont have to, but in this case you wont get energy. I like that, because it brings more tactic into the game. Furthermore, you only have limited slots on your hand. which makes this feature even more important and sophisticated. However, there is no mulligan feature. I hope they will add one in the future, because sometimes I lose just because a bad draw. That is frustrating, but thankfully it does not happen too often. But well, that is no huge problem, I cannot find any major flaws in the game. I think it is very polished and the developers are very active and bring updates almost every month.

    I will for sure play it more and I wont have so much time for Hearthstone anymore. They are both great games, but as I said before: my eyes are bored of all these elves, orcs and paladins ^^