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  1. May 22, 2013
    Right now, Minecraft - Pocket Edition is just a pretty block-building game. It's getting better, and I'm really rooting for it to, but it doesn't give me any sense of adventure. Survivalcraft does, and it does it in impressive fashion for a mobile device. For that reason and the reasons listed above, it's the mobile Minecraft that I'm sticking with.
  2. May 10, 2013
    Before you can build, you must survive.
  3. May 3, 2013
    This open world sandbox crafting game with obvious inspirations doesn't win any awards for originality, but it still manages to incorporate features that are missing from the original.
  4. May 8, 2013
    But while Survivalcraft may well provide some slight differences here and there, it's also missing plenty of the features that Minecraft has.
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  1. Dec 30, 2013
    The ultimate game offering many many options. Creativity for the user from plain survival, defending your turf, finding food and resources, mapping and strategizing. Or if you have any grand ideas, spend your time making it come to life with unlimited resources in a block world of deserts, wastelands, snow and evergreen landscapes. Enjoy sunrise and sunsets, moon phases, rain, snow, lions, tigers and bears. There is times for eating and sleeping which create a healthy way to break away from the screen (or not). So many options. I don't even know some like electrical inventions. Build a world then invite others to experience your world. Can play offline so it really goes with you everywhere. Full Review »
  2. Nov 5, 2013
    A really good game. Not even close to Minecraft but still great. It has animals instead of normal monsters and that's really good. The survival factor is really good to. But to me the controls are busted and it gets boring after a long while. By the way, i am a bigger movie than video games,books,or TV shows. But i use Letterboxd for that. Full Review »