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  • Summary: Welcome to Shibuya, a mishmash of attitudes and styles in the heart of Tokyo. A boy named Neku awakens in a crowded intersection, alone & unaware of how he got there. He receives a weird text: "Clear this mission...or face erasure." With that, Neku is injected into a life-or-death Game that sends him scrambling down streets paved with one riddle after another...What is the Reaper’s Game? Why is Neku a Player, and what is he playing for? Will the Game really end if he survives all 7 days? Another mystery is always around the corner. Collapse
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  1. Aug 28, 2012
    Yes, the price tag is rather astronomical when compared to bargain-bin, $0.99 titles but there's a reason for that. The World Ends With You: Solo Remix is not a game built for five-minute diversions; it's a solid game, one meant to leave a permanent impression.
  2. Aug 28, 2012
    The World Ends With You is a stellar RPG regardless of platform, and we're glad it made its way to iOS.
  3. Aug 27, 2012
    A love-letter to Japanese youth culture and a staggeringly deep RPG with style in abundance. It's an iOS must have. The high price might give you pause, but do your best to let it slide and enjoy this one; it's unique & very special.
  4. Aug 28, 2012
    The game itself is fantastic - it has a rich story with several big surprises, fun gameplay, and plenty of content.
  5. Aug 31, 2012
    The iOS conversion is pretty good, even despite the screen restrictions, and it's all forgiven when you're wrapped up in the storyline so much. It's an expensive purchase but one that will offer you dozens of hours of memorable gameplay.
  6. Sep 25, 2012
    Is it possible to tell a deep, touching story about a bunch of emo teens? Yes, and the 30-hour campaign of The World Ends with You is the proof.
  7. Sep 2, 2012
    This is among the finest RPGs available on the platform.

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Score distribution:
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  2. Mixed: 0 out of 6
  3. Negative: 1 out of 6
  1. Nov 21, 2013
    Greatest game ever for hand-held devices, worth every penny....................................................................................................... Expand
  2. Nov 5, 2012
    Now, I can review this game in two ways. a) as a remake of the DS game that I have played and have completed all (save for pin completion) and b) as an iOS with no regards to the fact that it is a remake... I will attempt to do both. a) As a remake of the DS games i would have to give this game something along the lines of a 7 or 8, let's go with 7.5 for the sake of argument. For starter's, the positives come in the way of the upgraded graphics, better quality music, and the fact that it is essentially the same game with the same story, characters, unlockables, and pin system. At the same time the integration of Twitter to hear certain thoughts from random people in the internet, plus wireless connectivity (which is easier on the iOS since more people own this than they did a DS) add a new feel of usefulness and fun to an already great game. However, after getting used to what is the original TWEWY, there are a few aspects of this Solo Remix which kept it from getting the perfect score I would have given the original. The most noticeable is the partner system. In the original DS game you controlled Nekku on bottom screen with pins and partner on top with the buttons, as iOS only offers one screen and no buttons, they have turned the partner into what is essentially just another pin with special powers, which also eliminates a lot of the difficulty that the original game brought as well as the accustomed way of reading the health meter. At the same time, the new fonts make the game a little awkward once used to the anime type fonts used in the original, and the removal of some small features have a larger impact on the game than i thought (cut scenes show less, in stranger angles, or take longer to happen. and some icons are also missed for the sake of simplicity).

    b) as a standalone iOS game, I believe this game earns a 10. "But sir, the game is really expensive?!" some of you may say...
    My answer: "So?... "
    While I agree that a price tag of $18 seems pretty hefty, I must start by pointing out this isn't your typical iOS game with simple controls, simple comedy based story, where the goal is to get the highest score and beat your friend or get achievements. This is a full fledged JRPG on the iOS. And despite being a remake, it remains fresh (it's not a port like some Final Fantasies and other former AAA titles on the app store) and takes advantage of the iOS. It has beautiful smooth graphics compared to most other iOS games, and is guaranteed to keep you entertained for hours wishing to find out what happens to the characters as any JRPG would, and then hoping to out-complete your friends or best them at tin pin slammer! It also has what is perhaps the best "original" soundtrack on the app store, and it is guaranteed to be worth the price so long as you treat it as what it is: a full fledged game rather than just another casual game for your iOS system.

    Lastly.. I recommend this highly, and if you purchase it, take heed to the character's words. The message this game has is perhaps one of the best messages a JRPG has offered Western audiences.
  3. Jan 5, 2013
    This is my favorite game of all time on the DS. Love the way it's been adapted for the ios with touch screen controls, though if I had to pick which version was better I would have to go with the chaos of the dual screened original. My only real complaint is that the new sound tracks that have been added are total garbage in comparasion with the original soundtrack, and I just wish that their was a option to revert the game to the original soundtrack. The new soundtracks seem like clunky background music, and seems like at times the music is randomly inserted to test the new music. So if you own the original maybe give it a try if your a die hard fan, If you don't own a ds try it. Expand
  4. Jan 23, 2013
    Although I had never played the DS version of TWEWY, I decided to hop on board after the release of the Solo Remix edition. If you are afraid that TWEWY:Solo Remix will be inferior to the DS version, fret not, as it is a perfectly streamlined experience that works incredibly well. Quite frankly it is debatable that the Solo Remix edition is superior, having fantastic new HD graphics and superb controls. If you have never played TWEWY before, and are at all a fan of anime or Action RPG's, you should buy this game. The $13 price point may seem high for an iOS game, but in the grand scheme of things this is reasonably cheap. The game will last you a good 30 hours, getting you more than your moneys worth for a game that still costs $20 to buy on the DS. The story of this game is captivating and fantastic. It is incredibly unique, I have never seen anything like it. It is all a huge mystery that slowly unravels, and comes to a supremely satisfying conclusion. You will find yourself hungry for more after you have completed the main storyline. The gameplay is just as superb. Controls are fantastic, the best of any iOS ported game I have ever played. The only complaint I have about combat are the huge difficulty spikes. There are 3 difficulty levels that you can change on the fly, easy, medium, and hard. While I could easily get through standard enemies on hard mode, boss battles were insane, to the point where I would die within seconds of the fight starting. Luckily they have a feature that lets you retry the same fight on easy mode, but then the sense of challenge is gone. If you die once against a boss, just start it up on easy mode and it practically beats itself. There is also a surprisingly little amount of gear enhancement a game with such heavy RPG influence. Although some gear is better than others, you will find that you can barely equip anything due to a strange stat requirement that makes so even once you have beaten the game you still cannot equip that t-shirt you got 5 hours into the game. Even once you can equip better gear, you realize how fruitless it is, as simply wearing all of the same brand of gear, regardless of how good it is, will essentially provide you with double damage. Overall though, these flaws are easy to overlook as the game is full of exciting content and a great story that you will remember for weeks after you have seen the final screen. Expand
  5. Apr 24, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. If you enjoyed the DS version of TWEWY, then you'll enjoy this title, and for about $20, it still gives what was promised. Enhanced character, pin, and enemy sprites, even an enhanced game soundtrack. But it's not perfect, (Especially the IPhone/Ipod version) while it's still playable, it will take you a while to get your grove into this one at the start because of touch sensitivity and screen size; I spent my first 20 minutes of the game trying to get my big finger to move tiny little Neku away from upcoming attacks. But I stuck with it, and after I finished the first week, this remake had finally pulled me in.

    First off nothing new to the story, it's still the same 3 weeks of the game you played in the DS version with just some slight changes to some character dialogue to fit it with the gameplay. But it was nice to see the story again, and have a strong case of nostalgia.

    And the gameplay has certain changes, first of all instead of having Neku and his partner on separate DS screens fighting each in their unique way, Solo Remix has Neku being controlled the same as he was on the DS and his partner is instead treated as a pin who's summoned and attacks using a certain touch command, (Shiki attacks by tapping the enemy, Joshua attacks by slashing downwards where you want it to hit, etc.) they also have a reboot/cooldown time like any other pin, and you now build up your sync rate for the game's famous fusion attack by consistently alternating Neku and his partner's attacks on the enemy instead of having to solve a card game puzzle controlled by your partner. The way you build the strength of your fusion has changed too, since there's no light puck in this version, instead you enter a mini game to increase the attack and drop rate multiplier, and the mini game is based on the card puzzle style that your current partner's was in the DS version.
    And this is where my rating's affected the most, because while the partner pin is separate from your six pin deck with no certain class so you can use any pins at your disposal, (Thank god) it also "Breaks" the game. For example, with consistently slashing downward using a shockwave pin while Joshua is your partner, you can practically just spam both Neku and Joshua's attack on one enemy together, and it builds up your sync rate and you can practically get a level 1 fusion attack just before Joshua's partner pin has to cool down, (Level 2 if you start with a %100 sync rate) this made the game easier than it was on the DS version (Even on the hard difficulty) And it's not just Joshua, every partner has a way to gain their fusion faster by using certain pins. (Shiki: Pins that involve tapping on an enemy or space. Joshua: Pins that activate by slashing downward on enemies. Beat: Pins that activate by dragging your finger on the screen, moving Neku while Beat is active) So yeah, this disappointed me because I found myself using certain pins to take advantage of the fusion attack. So most of the OverRated pins are still going to be used for a large portion of the game.

    And I also didn't like how they tried to keep some of the DS boss fight concepts, for example, once you summon out Shiki for the giant bat fight on Day 3 of Week 1, she would rise up, and then you had to use her entire pin meter to kill the little red bats that were jamming the lights (Just like in the DS version), and then you had a short time to kill the big bat with just Neku while Shiki's pin is cooling down, and by the time Shiki's ready, the lights had already went out, so you had to bring her out just to do the whole light up the place all over again, so you couldn't cross your combos to build up your fusion, which made it practically impossible to get a star rank for that battle.

    Another thing I must mention is Tin Pin Slammer (*Sigh* F*** Tin Pin Slammer), it still plays fine, but I found my pins curving more compared to the original version. And the special attacks buttons are on the left side of the screen, which can make it a pain for those who are left handed. And your strike will do little effect while you're knocked all the way across the arena and that's if the opposing AI is even trying. And while I'm glad they made it so the recovery finger now activates automatically! It's annoying seeing it juggle your pin at corners.

    But the overall game is still good, and it really keeps my finger's active, and with not having to constantly look at both screens on the DS, and this version I found really good for those new to the series, I even recommended this this to my friend, and he's still playing it on his iPad. And I'm still enjoying this version, I even erased my data of the first time I played through this game and then played through this version from the very start once again. For those who've played the DS version first, you might have some issue's with the new concept at first and you may think it's not up to par with the DS version, but you're probably playing right now anyway.
  6. Nov 24, 2012
    I tried to play this game on my iphone but it keeps crashing. I've got an iphone 4S with plenty of space on there and the game still does not work on it. I don't know what's going on but till this gets fixed, it's unplayable. Expand

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